Tarah Who? Has Released A Gripping Video For Their Latest Single, “Asian Blood.”

Tarah Who? has released a gripping video for their latest single, “Asian Blood,” which was released on April 11. On this track, Tarah Who? drew inspiration from the early 1990s feminist punk movement Riot Grrrl, featuring the vocalist’s fiery and raspy voice. With Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette) on board, Tarah Who? ’s “Asian Blood” illustrates how women are often encouraged to seem younger in order to land specific roles in the entertainment industry. Tarah’s birthday is fast coming, and even though she is well and vibrant, she is haunted by the fear that she won’t be able to accomplish her goals if she doesn’t take action now. Carpenter’s lyrics describe how executives degrade young female singers by emphasizing how they don’t understand the industry while attacking older women for being too old to stay relevant. 

Tarah Who? is an LA-based grunge-punk band formed by lead vocalist Tarah Carpenter and drummer/backing vocalist Coralie Hervé. Their latest hit, “Asian blood,” demonstrates the band’s incredible ability to make music that connects with its audience. ‘Asian Blood,’ is enriched by a metallic instrumental arrangement. Also, it conveys a message about the irreversibility of the passage of time. The project reflects the universal fact that time is a cruel and inexorable enemy that never waits for anyone. Tarah Who? is well-known for its daring poetry and its willingness to speak openly. The band has gained notoriety with singles like “Bad Time” and “Push Me.” Their proficiency in the genre is evident throughout all of the tracks they have released to date. 

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