Somebody, Someday by KAATO

Somebody, Someday is a dazzling track – musically elevating, powerful and expertly created in order to move and fulfill, melodiously inclining in a similarly positive and inspirational bearing. A flawlessly addictive new track structure a collection that will in all likelihood reignite your adoration for live shake and roll.

Straight from the collection Slam, the tune Somebody, Someday is a flat out feature, and the ideal prologue to a band that truly need no presentation other than the energetic and handy sound of their music. The tune pours down around you like a nostalgic hit from days gone by, however with that you get the clearness and intensity of something totally young and established in the contemporary world. Everything that is our cutting edge life is exemplified in a way that successfully joins the beginning of the class with the far reaching want for achievement in this day and age.

Don’t simply trust us , witness the incredible beats for yourself now !

KAATO is a Nashville, Tennessee based rock band made up of Kurt Lowney (vocals), Mika Nuutinen (bass), Hunter Lovan (lead guitar), and Christopher Williams (drums). Originally from Australia, the band was founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter Kurt Lowney. KAATO had their first international tour co-headlining with Mitch Malloy in the UK after their self titled album was released in 2016. Kurt and Mika made the move to Nashville permanent in 2018 and started work on their newest album “Slam!” from their home studio, which allowed them to fine-tune their sound until they got exactly what they wanted. You can follow KAATO on Instagram and Twitter, or visit their website for updates and news.