Brooke Turner could have been a great linguist except for the fact that she chose a songwriting class instead of an Italian class when she was 15 years old. It’s one of those fateful decisions that changes the course of one’s life either for the better or worse. In Brooke’s case we think it changed it for the better and put her on the path that destiny made for her. We’re also sure, however, that she would have been one of the best linguists the world has ever seen because she has a great mind that is extremely creative and is quick to grasp new concepts.

Brooke has a new song out called Wish I Could Forget You. It is number four on the Commercial Pop and Upfront Club charts on Music Week and its first week of release it shot to number one on the King of the Spins charts, which is no easy feat. This great single was produced by Patrizio Moi, who is, by the way, the only resident producer at the famous Record Plant Studios in L.A. Patrizio is also one of the highest profile and most in-demand producers at the moment in the L.A. music scene. Besides Brooke, he has worked with, Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainer and Gallant, to name just a few of the many talented artists he has produced for.

When Brooke decided on the songwriting class that opened up everything for her. She had been involved in music and singing since she was 7 but she always had the idea that she would go to the best music schools in the country and end up singing opera professionally. And she could have manifested that dream if she had wanted to. She has always had a phenomenal voice and her musical timing is impeccable. However, when she attended the songwriting class she realized almost immediately after writing her first song that pop music was her passion and that she had a real skill and talent for it. Writing also enabled her to understand more of who she was as an artist and it gave her courage to venture out into the music industry.

To polish her writing she attended songwriting courses at the legendary Berklee School of Music and she also studied with some very well-known pop music coaches around the country, including. Raab Stenenson, Brett Manning, Seth Riggs and Dave Stroud among others. Brooke is in the process of pushing her new song Wish I Could Forget You and the campaign will be worldwide starting off in the UK.