Monsieur Job Presents the 120 Song Opus:W.T.F

Musical Masterminds Bring You on a Winding and Unique Journey

Cali, Colombia (Aug 31, 2021) — Fast emerging Colombian superstars Monsieur Job, who regularly chart in the Billboard Latino Top 40 alongside artists like Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee, have released yet another brand new album, “W.T.F!”. With an impressive 120 tunes, including ten remixes of 2020 Billboard hits and many exciting new tracks like “Adios Mi Amor”, “Baila Bebe”, and the single “Me Say Me Do (Remix)”, which features Jamaican artist Jah Bloodz, plus several new takes on songs from their recent “Musica para Mi Madre” record, Monsieur Job have continued to build along their strong foundation with W.T.F!.

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Me Say Me Do (Remix) | Chukiti (Remix) | No More War | Entra Pero Come Callao | Me Pregunto | Problemas | Bang Bang | Chiringuito | Backstabbers | ZiZi | Chinga Tu Madre | Ojala Sea Viernes | Morocha (Remix) | Muerto Por Ti

Influenced by a wide ranging array of artists in far reaching genres including Hip Hop, Rap, Contemporary R&B, Trap, Reggaetón, Dancehall, Reggae, Rockaton, Drum & Bass, Dance, House, Funk, Dub, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Global, Ambient, Cinematic, Experimental, Spanish Rock, Gothic Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Twerk, Pop, and Soul, “W.T.F!” contains many indelible and unforgettable cuts, including the real roots sound of “Mighty High”, the classic spanish rock and roll rhythm of “Malevo Maleva”, the sad story of a girl who passed away from drug abuse told in “Adios Mi Amor”, moving emotional tracks like “There is Nothing I Can Do to Forget You”, the thought provoking protest song “No More War”, “Persa Nella Via” which is sung in Italian, and the funk and twerk dance beats of “Mueve Te Culo”.

Some of the top musicians appearing on the album with outstanding performances include Benjamin Mosquera, Ruben Aragon, Miguel Salazar, Laura Viteri, Camilo Mina, David Guerra and Abstain Caviedes as well as Carlos Zapata and Eduardo Manuel – who tour with Groupo Niche – and Leo Jaramillo and Juan Moreno of Monsieur Job.

W.T.F! is an elaborate masterpiece, presenting the listener with some of the best and most interesting ballads and bangers combined with truly intriguing instrumentals and immediately memorable remixes, all played with precise and confident expertise by world class musicians. W.T.F! is an extraordinary musical accomplishment, for which Monsieur Job should be applauded and revered.

Monsieur Job will be performing at the Billboard Latin Music Showcase alongside Becky G and Rauw Alejandro on October 1st and 2nd in Sevilla, Spain. Learn more at:

Top Artist Collaborations for W.T.F!:

Collab 1: “Chukiti Remix” feat. Ñengo Flow

Collab 2: “Problemas Remix” feat. Ruzzo from the cuban band Orishas

Collab 3: “Chiringuito” feat. Jhonpri from Sistema Solar

Collab 4: “Dale Rojo Dale” feat. Louis Towers “Papa Rasta” former artist of legendary colombian label Discos Fuentes

Collab 5 & 6: “Fuck & Ese Tumbao” feat. Charles King Champeta artist from Palenque, Bolivar

Collab 7: “Quiero darte la Mano” feat. Tito Murillo lead singer of Guayacan

W.T.F! was written and Produced by Toby Holguin and Monsieur Job for Basswalk Latino