Our Latest Interview With Multi Talented Producer Christian Arceo

Christian Arceo (born December 1, 1990), professionally known as Vybe, is an American record producer from San Jose, California. Vybe is best known for producing, hip hop R&B, and Trap instrumentals. He is also known for originally producing, All the Way Turnt Up by Travis Porter

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Ans: both in a way, exciting because you never know whats gonna come about. It gets stressful sometimes cause Im always in a comeptition with myself so the bar is high…always gotta outdue the last record

Q:  How do you shut things out?

Ans: dim the lights low, pour a drink, put myself in that zone

Q: How easily do songs tend to come to you?

Ans :honestly id say rather easy, everytime I touch the keyboard its magic

Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ans:Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

Q: What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car?

ANs:Right now Im really vibin with Nav, anything by him Im slappin in the car daily

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words?

Ans:versatile, smooth, melodic, bass, bounce

Q: You compose all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you compose songs and what’s your favorite part about the proccess?

ANS: My current state mentaily affects my music alot, if Im sad or depressed you can tell thru the music, if im happy and hype youll be able to tell too. My favoirtie part of the process has to be when the composition is finished

Q: At what age did you start producing?

ANS: 16

Q:Who are your inspirations?

Ans: Scott Storch & The Runners

Q: If you could work with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?

Ans: Nav, Travis Scott, Young Thug

Q:Do you have any events coming up right now?

Ans: Just work….work.. work & work some more

Q:Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a producing career or just advice about careers in general?


Q: If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?

Ans : Nipsey Hussle – They Know

Q:When and why did you start playing?

ANS: Started playing the keyboard in 2008


Q:  Which instruments do you play?

Ans: Only the piano….been wanting to venture off into other instruments but aint had the time


Q: What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Ans:  I started replying all of scott storch’s hits from 2007 haha


Q: Is your family musical?

Ans: Not at all which is why me producing was such a shocker to my whole family…oh well haha

Q:  Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Ans: Traviss Scott….really talented indiviual. Just like his whole style the way he knows how to come on a record and make it a hit


Q:  Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Ans: Ive learned from everybody man, Scott Storch, The Runners, Johnny Juliano, SuperStarO, even from myself


Q:  Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?

Ans: My mistakes haha….Ive learned from em all and they became the greatest teach of them all


Q:  Describe your first instrument. Other instruments.

Ans: First keyboard was a keystation49. My mom still has it to this day. I might frame it one day haha….besides that I aint really have the funds at the time to get anything else


Q:  What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

Ans: In my my old room, in high school, till like 4 in the morning. Some nights I wouldnt even get sleep….those nights really made me


Q:  Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Ans: Gucci Manes first album, trap house haha


Q:  What advice would you give to beginners?

Ans: grind & grind some more, it dont come overnight. study your mentors, and stay consistent


Q:  Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session?

Ans: yeah all the time. talent makes a good session, that makes the whole vibe right and everything else flows naturally

Q:  How often and for how long do you practice?

Ans: every single day. atleast 10 hours of my day is devoted to my music


Q: Do you teach music?

Ans: Never have but I might teach my son one day haha. Young Vybe


Q:  How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Ans:  my girl knows this is my love, joy and passion. So she respects that and doesnt interfer with it. Plus its my job


Thanks for taking time out of your day:)