Latest Interview With “Truse”A Talented Hip Hop Artist

Truse is a conscious hip hop artist writing about the strife of war, the destruction humans have brought upon ourselves for no good reason, the pain we cause each other through fighting and warring, through violence and anger. All energies we can transform into peace, if we only knew how….

Q: What is the Final Mystical Saga about?

Truse: The Final Mystical Saga is about the awareness that is needed to see what we are doing to each other. What war is actually doing to the planet. I am not the only one writing about this. Check out Steven Taylor’s book The Fall.

Q: What is the main message behind the music you create?

Truse: The music, though this song sound depressing, is actually uplifting in spirit. We first have to see the madness we are creating for each other and the suffering we create our family and friends. I am not excluding myself. I do the same. I think to an extent we all do. We are all trying to better ourselves. But what if you knew that the way you are now is the best you can be. So you expand from that. As opposed to feel deficient. You are the present moment. Find peace through that.

Q: What is the main thing you want to tell the listeners?

Truse: First of all, thank you. I appreciate all your support. I would say, seriously, never give up. My dad cried himself to sleep for 11 years the state I was in. It was hell. I look back now, wow. What pain I suffered for 14 years of hellish depression. What pain it was. But I also know, and must have known at some point, that there is another dimension to our pain. We can in fact find that dimension within.

Q: Who is this song dedicated to?

Truse: To my daughter, Sadie Jane. She is the heart of my heart. She is the soul of my soul. I love her more than I love myself. I think she is an amazing human being. Who will go on to do so much good in this world. She is a little 8 year old angel.

Truse – The Final Mystical Saga