Its Time To Know More About TripSetBeatz

Please introduce yourself to our visitors ?

I’m a husband and a father of two. I live in Green Bay Wisconsin. I’ve been making music for 5 years. I’ve had work featured on ESPN, NBC, bleacher report, USA Today, iTunes pandora, Spotify, radio stations and newspapers all over Wisconsin, professional sports arenas all over the world and blogs all over the internet. My beats and created songs have totaled over one million streams,

1-How did you break into music production?

I used to play around with making beats as a Teen because one of my good friends (Shout out to One take) was a rapper and we used to walk around beat boxing and spitting rhymes. However I didn’t get serious in music production until I had my son. When you have a child that young, you lose a lot of your friends and you also now have a crazy amount of time on your hands because newborns sleep all day.

2- Whats your inspiration for your music?

Definitely my children and my wife. They have always supported me and my goal is to give them the world.

3- Whats your process when you make a beat?

Honestly, it depends on how I’m feeling that day. Usually, I will head down to the studio, play around on the keyboard with different sounds until I find one I like, and then I’ll record the melody. Sometimes I’ll find a loop I like and build on that. I’m a melody first drums second kind of guy.

4- Who are some artists you’d like to work with?

Me- Oh man; definitely Wiz Khalifa, Chance the rapper, Big Sean, and Eminem.

5- Whats your favorite song you’ve ever produced?

I love them all, but probably my first big single “Keifer Sykes” it was the first taste of success Ive ever had and it made me a brother for life(Shout out my young bull Keifer)


6- What sets you apart from other Producers?

Honestly I would say it’s my ambition and my personality. I don’t sell beats to make a quick buck, I put my all into my work and when your ambition is your children, you’re willing to go above and beyond for your customers.

7- What 5 words best describe your music?

Fresh, Bouncy, Flow, Bass, and Different.

8-Who are your influences in music?

Scott Storch, Kanye, Dre, Mikewill, Dj mustard. All genius’s with the beats.

9-Tell me why I should come to YOU if I need music production?

First, I treat every customer as if they’re my only customer. I’m just a family man trying to provide for his family, and that will make me go above and beyond for you ALWAYS. I will actually value your business. I will offer discounts to customers, I will promote your music for free, I have cheap prices, and I already have a proven track record of success.

10- Where can we find your business?

You can find my store at and you can find me at any social media @TripsetBeatz.