An Interview With REVILUTION

Q: Hello REVILUTION. Thank you for this interview. Please tell us about the name and what is means to you?

Dan Seitz, lead vocals, guitar: We all have so-called “good” and “evil” sides to our personality, but most people want to be considered “good” because that’s how we gain acceptance in society. So we tend to keep our darkness hidden as best we can, not really understanding that our “evil” is what fuels our confidence, our motivation, and even our anger at injustice. I see a lot of injustice in the world, and I want to change it through my music. So, I feel it’s time for a REVILUTION.

Scott Flint, guitar, backing vocals: To me, it means standing up for what you believe in, and pursuing those beliefs.
Mikey Chavez, bass: What’s in a name? We hope at the very least that it’s memorable to those that hear or see it.
Joe Hernandez, drums, backing vocals: It’s time for a revolution in Heavy Metal music, and I believe the new stuff coming is losing the grip on lots of band’s style.

Q: Please introduce each member of the band to us and tell us a bit about them?

Dan: I’m Dan Seitz, I play lead and rhythm guitar and lead vocals in REVILUTION. I grew up in Idaho and Arizona, and I spent five years in the U.S. Army. I like science fiction, horror, and superhero stories, and I read a lot. I also like vintage cars and vintage audio and video gear.

Scott: Scott Flint, I’m a professional guitarist, performer, artist, and songwriter. I’m from Moreno Valley, CA.
Mikey: I’m Mikey Chavez. Age has to be just a number at this point in life. I’ve always been a somewhat happy-go-lucky kinda guy. Life has taught me that “s*** happens;” just when you think it’s time to hang up your bass, you look up and you’re hooked up with more damn musicians, and you go, “great, let’s see where this goes!
Joe: I’m Joe Hernandez, been playing drums for many years, mostly in Arizona in cover bands and stuff.

Q: Tell us about your new studio project?

Dan: We’re going to World Famous Studios in Denver to record a three-song EP with Pete DeBoer and Ricky Brewer. These were songs I wrote, recorded, and released with my girlfriend, Marie Burgess, several years ago, and she and I handled all the production ourselves in our home studios. I’m very proud of the songs, but they definitely need the diversity of other musicians and the prowess of a professional engineer and producer to really shine. I’m very excited to record with Scott, Mikey, and Joe, and to experience Pete’s and Ricky’s magic at the board!
Mikey: A studio-recorded 3-song EP, short and sweet for the purpose of getting our music out to the masses by EVERY means possible!
Joe: Well, we’re working with the best recording studios in Denver and two famous guys to cut a record. It’s going to be so fun, I can’t wait to hear what the final result is!

Q: What is the songwriting process of REVILUTION?

Dan: Music first, always, for me. I’ll noodle around on the guitar (or sometimes bass), and if a neat riff or hook comes to me, I’ll work on expanding on it until it becomes a coherent rhythm track. If I still love it after I’ve fleshed it all out, I’ll record it, then play the recording over and over again and see if any good lyrics come to mind. It’s almost like the song talks to me, tells me what it’s supposed to be about.
Scott: Dan writes almost all the music, but I contribute songs to the band also.
Mikey: At this point Dan and Scott share writing, but at any time anyone in the band will have input (musical or otherwise) as inspired.
Joe: As of right now, Dan and Scott have written pretty much all the songs. Me being a new member of the band, I will be throwing some new stuff their way soon!

Q: Any fun/ crazy audience or fan stories to share?

Dan: During our most recent photo shoot, we were in this alley in the artsy section of Riverside, CA. This couple comes walking through, sees us posing for our photographer, then the dude starts taking pictures on his cell phone. The guys tell him “we’re REVILUTION,” and he goes, “Yeah, I know who you are,” or something like that. I’m pretty sure he had no idea who we were, but his girl sure seemed starry eyed.
Scott: Not at this time.
Mikey: Ask me anything, just be ready for the answers.
Joe: Well, I did manage to get onstage at a Jackyl show in Tucson once. Made an ass of myself, but I got to sing a tune with them!

Q: Any hobbies? What is REVILUTION up to when not in the studio or playing shows?

Dan: I like to collect and restore old stereo equipment, play old video games on vintage game consoles, or work on my classic car.
Scott: Speaking for myself, I write and record backing tracks for radio station commercials and most other media formats.
Mikey: I like to get to a gun range when I can, and of course music is an ongoing passion/hobby. Guns and guitars. And the dogs.

Q: Use FIVE words to describe a REVILUTION LIVE show?

Dan: Loud, energetic, crazy, memorable, fun.
Scott: Energized, spontaneous, loud, mayhem, organized.
Mikey: In two Fridays, we’ll see.

Q: What are the band goals for the rest of 2018 & beyond?

Dan: Get the EP done, and play as many shows as we can, in as many places as we can.
Scott: Getting the new music out there and touring.
Mikey: We are working toward finishing the EP, working on our stage sets, and obviously doing as many shows as we realistically can.
Joe: To get the record cut and out into people’s hands, and get on the road.

Q: Tell our readers where they can purchase your new music when it hits ?

Dan: I’m not sure of all the places it will be available, but you will be able to find it at Home | Revilution