An Interview With Amalia Pavlidi

Amalia Moerman Pavlidi, is rapidly establishing herself as one of the most promising voices of this generation. It’s a matter of time before Amalia garners International acclaim, already visible through her work. Media has begun to take notice. Her interpretations of both classical & contemporary works soothe the senses.

Why you chose to Sing Classical Crossover Style?

Amalia Pavlidi :I love Classical Singing. I studied Opera and Contemporary Singing. I love to sing Classical Crossover because combines the beauty of the Classical Singing with Contemporary Music.

You are famous for your Teaching, what makes you different than other Vocal Coaches?

I think that I see my students as artists that just need a push to become their true self.  My method approaches the student first as a person. Through singing exercises and through meditation techniques we unblock the negative thoughts, on the same time we work on our singing exercises and our voice through a new holistic approach.


How is Amalia as a person?

Amalia Pavlidi :Amalia is full of love and stress….Positive mind and a free person! She is a dreamer…

You perform in events and festivals in the North of Europe, we will see you in the US soon?

Amalia Pavlidi :This is something that my agency knows…

Many Critics say that your voice is rare and beautiful…what do you say about that?

Amalia Pavlidi : Well….Thank you very much!…I feel no special about my voice…The only thing I feel is an inner need to express myself through art- singing….I am happy to be blessed and do so.

Last year you vocal coached more than 400 singers- actors. How do you feel about that?

Amalia Pavlidi :First of all I have to say…wasn’t only me…but some teachers from my Academy as well. I feel really blessed. I have the opportunity to work with people that trust their voices to me…I do know my job…I do love my job…and I do love to see my students be at the Top.

You say very often that ‘’nothing is impossible’’. Why do you believe that?

Amalia Pavlidi :We are energy…and everything around us is energy as well…So…if you really want something…with all your body and soul…then yes, nothing is impossible…Universe will find the way to bring it into your life…

Soprano- Vocal Coach- Yoga Instructor- Mother…How is your every day?

Amalia Pavlidi : Busy…I have my singing, my students, my personal life as well…Not every day is the same…but I am grateful for my every day.

You mentioned at Facebook that you work with a psychologist more than 2 years. Would you like to tell us something about that?

Amalia Pavlidi :I work with an amazing woman and person Fani Traikou from Harmonia Coaching. She is a true professional, rare to find such good psychologist in our days. We work in personal development and meditation. I always wanted to explore myself so with Fani we work together towards this path. She is the best I could have.

I love your spirit…Would you like to tell us your motto?

Dream- Believe- Receive…DARE.

Thanks for your time Amalia Pavlidi 🙂