An Exclusive Interview With The BRKN’s Jacob Cade

Q: You released your debut No. 3 just before the Pandemic hit and the single song “Be Cool” in late July. Have you found it easier or harder to be creative at this strange time in the world?

Jacob – It’s been wild but honestly, it’s been a bit easier for me personally to be creative and pay more attention to what I’m doing musically and with other parts of my life as well. The solitude helps me. I’m a bit of an introvert I like being alone. When it’s just you and your thoughts in a room things happen, deeper feelings, deeper emotions, the whole deal. At least for me!

Q: Can you share with us what’s on the horizon for The BRKN?

Jacob – Absolutely! We are working on putting out a brand-new EP right now with about 8 songs on it. It’s much more pop than No.3 but we’re excited about it! We’ve always been inspired by pop bands and pop music, so we’re stoked to finally be able to act on it and incorporate the sound we’re searching for into our music. “Be Cool” was the first single off it and the next comes out sometime late October along with a new music video and new merch to go along with it! Aside from that we’re booked on a tour with Dollskin starting up in March 2021 God Willing! We’re very excited about that as well!

Q: What’s the writing process like for you three, do you work collectively when creating music?

Jacob – We do! It’s a bit of a weird convoluted system, but basically, it will 99% of the time start with an arrangement that I make of synths bass and guitars along with some rough lyrics. And then the boys and I will sort of structure it out together with Michael putting drums down and MJ creating his guitar and Synth parts. After the structure of the song is set then I’ll take that and perfect the lyrics and melodies and stuff like that!

Q: What’s your motto in life?

Jacob – I guess I would say that my motto is get rid of the toxicity and don’t be toxic to others! Happiness is easier when you are not constantly drowning in doubt, betrayal, and hate.

Q: What is your favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car?

 Jacob – Ooh I’d probably say it’s “Love Me” by The 1975

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words?

Jacob – Pop, big, 80’s, sad, and emotional

Q: Where do you draw your inspirations from when you write songs?

Jacob – I try to draw from my own experiences and the things I enjoy hearing through the speakers. Anytime I have a strong feeling about something I write it down and once I have music to put it to I try and build off of that feeling or idea I have in my head.

Q: At what age did you start performing and share a bit of your early backstory with us.

Jacob – I was about 8 or so when I played my first gig sitting in with a cover band at a local bar lol. Since then I was in a solo project of mine that was very rock n roll/glam/80’s vibes. Did that for a while and had some minor success with it! Through a lot of twists and turns and learning how to write music and live life a bit better I ended up writing No.3 which is very pop punk as you know. Very angsty and the first record I really put all my feelings into. Which then landed me with two amazing friends and musicians (Michael and MJ). Now we are The BRKN!

Q: If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?

Jacob – Hmm it would probably be something like Bad by Michael Jackson/ The Night Time is the Right Time by Ray Charles/ Caldonia by James Brown  Rock n Roll by Led Zeppelin/ Got me under pressure by ZZ Top/ Nightrain by Guns n Roses/ What it takes by Aerosmith/ Lets Go Crazy by Prince / Pusher Love Girl by Justin Timberlake/ Chunky by Jacob – Bruno Mars/ Can’t Kick Up the Roots by Neck Deep/ Love Me and Robbers by The 1975

Q: If you could perform with anyone, dead or alive, who would be?

Jacob – Prince/ Michael Jackson/ Slash/ Jimmy Page/ Ben Barlow and Matty Healy.