An Exclusive Interview With Talented Recording Artist Bishop Battle

Question : Please introduce yourself to our readers ?

Answer : Hi there! My name is Bishop Battle, and I’m a recording artist out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve kind of been all over the place in my life, and try to incorporate as much life experience as possible in my music: I grew up in a rural farming community in northwest Florida, and was a Marine with two tours to Iraq; a college football player, and a professional actor, appearing in television shows such as Criminal Minds and The Unit. I have also taught high school English, and obtained a degree in Theatre Performance from Florida A&M University.

Question : Who or what inspired you to get into the music industry?

Answer : I’m not sure anything really brought me to the industry necessarily, but I have always loved music. The first time I remember singing in public was at a Christmas Party in my home, where “Look Away” by Chicago was playing on the radio when I was 8, and I got the guts to start singing along in my living room. Before I knew it, the room was quiet, and they were all listening to me. I’ve loved performing ever since. As a vocal music major in college, I taught myself how to play the guitar after being taught keyboard harmony in college, and have since learned other instruments to try and become a more intelligent songwriter, as well as a more well-rounded musician.

Question : Tell us about your newest single “THE RANSOM(Part 1)” ?

Answer : I always loved the notion of a concept album, and I love film plots, so I figured I would try to start my own series of continuous story telling over the course of time and combine the two. I plan to release sequels to Part 1 of The Ransom, compounding on a complex plot conveying an emotional story. Part 1 was interesting because I had a big origin story to tell with limited syllables to do so, which I had to rely also on the musical energy to shape the tale into fruition in order to allow the motivations behind the characters to begin to develop. Part 1 may insinuate by the end of the song that the story is over, but unfortunately for the characters, it’s only just beginning…

Question : What kind of responses are you receiving from the release?

Answer : People seem to be pleased with the vocal performance foremost, and I’ve heard very good feedback stating the musical choices were very interesting, almost out of place with what you would expect given the direct lyrical content. I found this to be very encouraging, because I needed a very multi-faceted approach to really bring the true purpose of this song to culmination, and the feedback indicates I at least came close to achieving what I set out to do. The lyrics should tell the story, while the vocal portrayal and musical delivery give it life.


Question : From what we have heard from you so far your music has several genre classifications. What genre do you consider yourself & whats your favorite music genre?

Answer : I was hoping you could tell me! I have influences all over the place, from my beloved Radiohead, even back to Beethoven or Schubert. For the time being, if I had to choose a sub-genre, I suppose Electropop.  Rock music was my first love, but I really love music from many genres, and learn so much from diversifying my listening experiences from time to time. I’m new to being a solo artist, so I fully expect to grow and evolve over time.

Question : What’s the best part of being a music artist?

Answer : This may sound like platitude, but I really enjoy creating, and sharing those creations with anyone who will listen. This is one of the most accurate ways I’m able to express myself, which is why I often don’t share what my songs are about: Not only are many of these close to me and what I feel, but I like giving the listener an opportunity to develop and nurture their own feelings as they listen; whether it be love, excitement, or even pain.  Everyone deserves to process music in the way it speaks to them, as I have done with many songs growing up myself.

Question : What are your goals as an artist & what do you want to achieve?

Answer : In the end, I want what every artist wants: I want to be heard, I want to share what I create, and I want to spend every moment I can doing what I love.  It’s an unfortunate but honest fact this is a business, so in that regard, I want to build my brand to make it an independently productive commodity, which will enable me to spend more time on my labor of love, which is the music itself. I’d love to get to the point where I’m able to also dabble in other areas, such as getting back into acting, or film scoring.  I also understand that the gains are often small, but persistence and dilligence go a long way.

Question : Are you working on any new project?

Answer :  I’m always working on something!  I have several singles in production, but have been touring a lot lately, so I plan to release my next single by the end of the fall.  It’s one I have been performing live, which is nice because it gives me a chance to think of how I want to develop it in the studio. The single is called “Underrated,” and although it’s close, I just get the feeling I’m missing something with it, and am taking my time with it. The song has been well received live, so I just want to make sure it lives up to it’s potential in the studio.