An Exclusive Interview With SHAAA

Are you working on any new music for 2019?

We have several projects that we are looking to release within the next several weeks. Our main focus was to close out Trap Party VOL 1 regarding music videos and jump into VOL 2. We’ve release our first single off the new project called, “Convertible” and release it’s official video last month, but these next two singles that we are about to release is going to be crazy!

What are some areas you would like to improve on as an artist?

Growth is inevitable especially if your constantly beating on your craft. I’m constantly learning by working with other artist, producers and always try to push Kaseeno to the limit by trying new things that will take my sound to the next level. I’m always looking to improve myself as a person, which would carry over to my music. Read more, write more and continue to be enjoy the journey.

What does music mean to you?

Music is life. My music is my life. I think James Brown said it best “If people wanted to know who Kaseeno is, all they have to do is listen to my music.”

How was the Muevelo Funky music video and what was your inspiration behind the video?

Muevelo Funky is a fun song. This particular record was produced by DJ Nelson and I wanted to have a song that would make people move internationally. We wanted to bring that vibe into the video and capture it on camera. Having a International Trap Party with a country twist and having an International DJ, who is Citizen Jane, who by the way is an amazing dj and person. DJ Citizen Jane symbolizes the movement of music. @djcitizenjane She is also one of the owners of the Hialeah Pride festival in MIami, which I am grateful to be part a part of. Like music, Muevelo Funky is suppose spread love and fun so we brought in a local Domincian comedian, Rafezy. Rafezy is full of energy and we wanted him to do his thing like he normally is on social media. @rafezy Daniel Black Ent & Kade Fresco did a great jon caturing the moment.

What are you drinking at the bar? Beer?

I’m not a drinker. I know how to make about any drink out there, but I’m a vegetarian. I smoke. The question should be What do you smoke… what do you got.

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What was one of your New Years resolutions?

Get back into the gym and eating healthy to maintain my steller physique. I have to make sure I give the ladies what they want on stage.

Can you name a word that defines you?