An Exclusive Interview With Davidmichael503

❤️Q: How do you shut things out?

Ans: drink coffee, get sushi, turn the phone off and pretend my life isn’t in turmoil.

❤️Q: You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

ANS: So many things… mostly  human interactions, people who I have never met, board games, insecurities.. etc

Q:❤️What are your inspirations?

Ans:Going down YouTube rabbit holes, Movies, good food, tropical locations, cats, beautiful women, making progress, owning my own lake, candles, Salma Hayek, Ariel blackthorne, cats , May Patterson, sunshine and down to earth people.

Q:❤️ If you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?
Ans: Probably Daisy Marie, Jynx Maze, maya bijou, Lacey Duvalle and or Abella Anderson,

Q: ❤️If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?
Ans:Most likely Something from the titanic.

❤️Q: Is your family musical?

Ans: My Dad and Grandpa are passionate about music for sure !


Q: ❤️Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Ans: Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Doja Cat, Tyler the creator—-Anyone who is comfortable being true to themselves.

Q: Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?
Ans: I was around 15. Had a drum teacher named Amy, she was very experienced. I could practice for hours. She was impressed with my ability. I think I was on Zoloft at the time and that might have contributed to my ability to stay in the zone.

Q:❤️ What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?
Ans : Recording music without any expectations other than having fun. The process of being creative with no goals is something I loved.

Q: Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?
Ans: Had a show in New Mexico at the axis. People were screaming, crying, making out on the dance floor, stabbing each other, it was mental. I think my cousin got HPV that night.

Thanks for taking time out of your day:)