An Exclusive Interview With Beautiful Multi Talented Artist Manager Emily Correa

When it comes to creativity, hard work, and dedication to building and expanding her brand; Emily Correa has it all. The creator and owner of Innova X, a fast moving publicity house, events company & artist development, has built the brand into an experience artists want to be a part of.

With 17 years experience in the arts, a Masters degree and a work background in corporate, Emily has put her accomplishments into becoming a very productive entreprenur.

She works with artists from all walks of life helping them create an experience that will propel their career and personal life to new levels. We recently caught up with Emily to talk her brand Innova X, what coaching is like, and what the future holds for her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Emily Correa: My name is Emily “Xa’Vonni” Correa and I am a Serial Creative Entrepreneur, Certified Life/ Business Coach, Talent Scout, Event Producer and founder of my own brand, Innova X Arts. I have 17 years in the arts, and I mean all the arts, music, acting, modeling/fashion and the visual arts as both a creative myself and the business side.

How did you get started in the first place?

Emily Correa: I started as a classically trained theater actress at the age of 16. Theater and acting is just something that always has inspired me. Definitely why I have my mind on forming a theater company beginning of 2019, and why Ithe last year or so I’m Chicago I have been doing fashion/modeling shoots & mixxers under IXCreative Studios to put into my first magazine!

I just love connecting people and expressing myself as an artist through my own creative projects. But the kick off was definitely age 16..maybe even younger because as a child, all I wanted was crayons and colored pencils so I could draw and paint. My journey actually is on my site if you want to find out.

What is Innova X and How did it come about?

Emily Correa: Innova X (Innovation Extreme) came about as an inspiration of doing events with my artists. Previously in NYC, I had an artist development and PR company through another name for 4 years and started hosting events with all kinds of artists and creatives, about 30 mixxers, and it really expanded my network. I loved it. I then ended up moving to Miami to keep expanding the brand, maybe settle in over the 4 years I was there. Totally the opposite happened, I reinvented my business into Innova X to focus on event production gaining more network.

I relaunched myself as a Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach, then I branded a t-shirt company, IXSpiritwear that’s coming up end of 2018, now a  Cultural Arts Magazine is on the way… THICKK Magazine celebrating the mid-size woman making moves and all my creative projects with a focus o the Chicago art scene.

I just follow my creative flow and bring great people into the mix on my projects.

What type of artists does Innova X work with?

Emily Correa: We work with those in Music, Acting, Fashion/Modeling and the Visual Arts. But creative energy is creative energy, if you are a dancer or CEO of an entertainment company, I would connect, network, promote and even be your coach. I can’t choose just one type of art as my favorite although I started with acting, and the visual arts as a child, but I just love music and fashion & modeling had my heart too. Its all interconnected anyway in this business.

What can a potential client expect from you?

Emily Correa: Clients can expect me to use the Law of Attraction to explain alot of issues that they go through and to make strong choices in moving forward. Also they can expect me to be both intuitive and assertive with my no-nonsense business knowledge.

 Did a artist get a Masters degree in Business Psychology? Probably not. But I did and I will and can help them do better, be better and get more from their lives. I offer my clients a free 30 minute session to explore this type of strategy for their careers. Lastly, I am pretty intuitive and can gauge from their energy and voice what their potential is and where they can go.

At times I even get clarity on a full product, business idea etc. that they should go for to build their career to the next level and they leave the session surprised and inspired

How do you remain up-to-date with the entertainment industry?

Emily Correa:  Social Media shows me where my network is at and what they are up to across 4 cities. Of course knowing the other main players in your community is important to form collaborations or just gauge who you should and should not work with.

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What do you like most about your career?

Emily Correa: I love that it’s a journey and I am not finished yet.

I definitely feel like a huge new stage is coming end of 2018 and 2019 is meant to be my biggest year yet, and definitely its about me putting my own self out there as a VLOGGER under CreativityMuzeTV in 2019.

This will help me share my coaching advice to countless people, interviews artists globally, and really build up my brand. I love being an educator, mentor, coach, and influencer to others and changes lives.

Tell us about your life experiences as an artist?

Emily Correa: Countless! From writing a book featuring 100 indie music artists sharing advice, to interviewing VP of SESAC, Justin Bieber’s and John Legend’s producers, to attending Art Basel twice in Miami as PRESS and scouting 100 best global artists for future interviews, to having the Rock check me out at his VIP Premiere of Ballers 2 and meeting Tyson Beckford at a Miami bar, to my days modeling and pursuing acting and graduating from a high school of the arts, then teaching it to 1,000 students, its all been an amazing journey so far.

How did your previous work in corporate prepare you for the entertainment industry?

Emily Correa: You would think it doesn’t matter that I have 10 years in corporat mostly as a Trainer or Designer, but actually working in corporate has been extremely helpful as an entrepreneur and learning how to really inspire employees, and build a company. How to really market, write, promote, sell, and influence on the corporate level. I think artists should take business classes to be able to understand their own selves as a creative business.

How long have you been a coach?, What type of coaching do you do?

Emily Correa: 5 years as a Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach.

What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?

Emily Correa: Team and Collaborations. You cannot move forward without having support, mentors and teammates. That can mean an agent, a coach, a publicist, assistants, managers and more. And working with other key players to produce together a big project.

Relationships are what makes the crazy entertainment industry work! with top key people to support and guide you along the way. But at all times, know yourself and you are the BOSS, guide yourself first #1.

How did the A.V.A Method “Awareness, Vision and Action” come about?

Emily Correa: Great question! Its basically understanding yourself as a person first. Then getting your vision for the future. And making moves! Then repeat. That’s my 1st coaching philosophy.

In your spare time, What do you like to do for fun?

Emily Correa: Travel! Living in my 4th city, you can tell I’m fearless about travel and will be going to more places in the future. I would like to visit London, Argentina and Dubai Internationally, and New Orleans and San Francisco locally.

What does the future hold for Emily Correa and Innova X?

Emily Correa: I will be launching my THICKK magazine end of October, hosting Chicago Fashion Week Party, a new theater company, interviewing artists globally for my Youtube channel, and maybe do some acting again in the future. -EC