You Can Learn How to Break into the Music Industry Becoming the Idol is the Must- Read Book to Succeed in the Music Industry

Everyday countless music artists are trying to break into the music industry. As we all know it’s not easy and highly competitive. As well as costing thousands of dollars to try to get your career off the ground.

Our team learned about this new book, Becoming the Idol which is a guide to success in the music industry.

This well written book is by veteran music artist manager, Jay Jaworski.  Jay has spent over 30 years leading the way for many young musical artists in Hollywood and Nashville.

Becoming the Idol is a new approach than most ‘how to’ books on the market. Its focus is on exposing the truth, examine the realities of the music business and defines the process that rule the game of the complex music industry. It is a journey into today’s music and entertainment business.

If you are considering a career in this very competitive business, you will gain crucial knowledge and a definite edge to succeed. The choices you make can either open doors or can close them. Becoming the Idol is a roadmap and guide which provides a different perspective into the many pitfalls that can halt a career even before it begins. It explains how to avoid the pitfalls and succeed.

 “I have been in the music business for countless years. Thought I knew it all until I read Jay’s Book.  Unbelievable!  A must buy for anyone wanting a career in the music and entertainment business”

Becoming the idol

  1. Biondo, President – Monogram Records

This important book includes chapters such as:

  • Defining “Dream Stealing”
  • Creating “Entertainment Value”
  • Changing Your Skin for Success
  • So, You Want to Become a Star
  • Your Creativity Will Set You Free
  • Prospecting for Gold Records
  • Lightspeed Track to Success
  • The 10 Steps to Breaking Through

And many more invaluable chapters.

Becoming the Idol is the must read for the serious-minded dreamer of becoming the next Idol. Do not try to get into the music industry without reading this book!

“Jay not only understands the music and entertainment business but he loves to discover and nurture talent.  I have known many Artist Managers but none had tuned into my potential, career direction and my aspirations like Jay did. His book offers priceless advice”

  1. Bawden – Recording Artist – Grand Finalist Australia’s Got Talent


About the Author:

Mr. Jaworski is a Hollywood and Nashville veteran music industry professional with over 30 years’ experience in Artist Management, Concert Promotion and Production, Radio Production, Artist Development and Deal Making. His experiences with major entertainment companies includes: President of Crossworlds Entertainment International, Inc.  Crossworlds Records.  President and Founder of MainStage Records, Inc. and DigiStar Entertainment Management. He has inspired, mentored, managed, and contributed to the success of countless successful international and domestic acclaimed artists, producers, musicians and songwriters.

All our readers should try to get this book or for someone you know who is trying to break into the music biz!

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