I’ve recently discovered an exciting new social media network for musicians, producers and artists called Muzicity.

Muzicity has a vision to empower music creators to have greater control of their music and to provide a diverse music library for the creative industries and music fans.

Music creators can sell their instrumentals, songs and albums direct to the public or as backing tracks to the creative industries.

After setting up their artist or band page music creators can upload their music, set their sale prices and start selling immediately.What make Muzicity exceptional are their music players.

Muzicity music players are amazing promotional tools, songs can be shared on social media platforms and the music players can be embedded on websites.

I’ve seen songs sell for $1 and others for $50 and money is sent instantly to the music creators.

Searching is really easy as there are multiple filtering options to help you find genres, styles and the right price range.

Uploading music to Muzicity is free and there’s a detailed FAQ page for most questions.

Muzicity – Social Media For Music