Tomas Castillo Named Label Manager Of Turn On Records

Tomas Castillo is a Sound Engineer, a world renowned DJ and a composer, among many other things. He is also a music producer working at Scope Entertainment in Los Angeles, California. Scope recently announced the launching of its brand new record label TURN ON RECORDS and named Tomas Castillo (aka Tomawax) as label manager. Tomas’ two original releases will be available on TURN ON RECORDS in mid-September.

Turn On Records pushes forward the boundaries of underground music as a platform for unknown artists as well, while delivering top quality music from tech-house, deep house, house, techno, minimal and microhouse genres.

Toma’s first release is listed under Tomas Castillo and titled El Baile Del Loco. It has three tracks, all original mixes: “El Baile Del Loco;” “Descarado;” and “El Tema de la Mariposa.” This record has roots in Afro beat and Tech house and has a percussive Tribal House sound. This will be available on September 16th.


The second release is under his nickname Tomawax and called Funk TV EP. Its three tracks are also all original mixes. “Funk TV” is the opening track of this EP and it moves from a bouncy groove to a hypnotic mental state. The second track is “Eazy,” which transitions from the first track into the third track “All Night,” which completes the journey with a great harmonic composition for the dance floor. This will be available on September 23rd.

TURN ON RECORDS and Tomas Castillo’s music will be available in all digital platforms including, iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Tracksource, Deezer, Juno Download and more. TURN ON RECORDS offers high-end top quality music that is insightful, relevant and powerful. TURN ON RECORDS, is an independent record label, and as we said above, is owned by Scope Entertainment Inc., which is well established in the music industry and delivers cutting edge production services, audio and video, to various other businesses in the industry. TURN ON RECORDS is located in North Hollywood, California.

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