When nerd-core specialists Christian Ames and John Gelardi match two characters in a bloodbath rap battle, you can be sure it’s going to be epic. Under the handle JT Music, these two nerd-core geniuses slam wit and style with “Sniper vs. Widowmaker”, a Team Fortress 2 character locking guns with an Overwatch one. For those unaware of this viral epidemic of nerd culture, JT Music places two main characters from different video games in an epic rap battle to prove superiority over the other. Basically, 8 Mile in the video game environment.

In this installment, we see the Widowmaker from Overwatch, dropping heavily violence-inducing rhymes against the Sniper from Team Fortress 2. These characters trade insults and throw shade toward each other to prove who is the strongest, has the most tricks, the best weapons, and the best techniques.

Our Widowmaker is sung by French vocalist, Andrea Storm Kaden as she delivers a poignant blend of English and French insults and taunts at her Australian counterpart performed JT Music. The Australian sniper is able to deflect all the taunts as he cleverly returns each with a gusto of his own.

To summarize the effectiveness of these characters, we can refer to the chorus; “Welcome to your funeral, isn’t this so tragic, I hope no one asks, Why we had to close your casket”, a strong reference to the many headshots players hope to achieve in their respective games. The overall quality of this track is well mixed as each frequency is clear and free on unwanted distortion. Although the subject matter may seem to lean on immaturity, and the rhymes are juvenile, rest assured this is exactly what the 40 million YouTube nerd-core gamer subscribers come to expect and return for.

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