Techno Music Indie Artist on the rise

The popularity of Tiahzzi Cherrelle’s music continues. After recieving over 800,000 plays for the song “Hooker Red” and over 200,000 plays to “Hot Seduction”, she has now released 14 new tracks 5 months later. Styles range from a variety of Deep House, Goth, and an R&B ballad titled “Kindred Spirits”. “Song of the songs have been written back in 2008 and some as recently as 2017.” Tiahzzi comments. She’s now #3 on the Reverbnation charts locally, #23 nationally, and #26 globally.

Tiahzzi Cherrelle

“I never realized the songs would be this popular!”, she replies. Will there be live performances in the near future? “Of course!”, she says. “It’s pointless to make all these songs and never perform them live. Plus I love doing song and dance routines!” Is the song “Showgirl” depicting a show in Vegas? “No”, Tiahzzi responds. I love glamour a LOT! Styles that are pageantry and theatrical. When writing numerous songs, the theme have to be different sometimes. It also shows a variety of styles I’m into such as dance, goth, or gospel house.” Will there be anymore music videos soon? “Definitely!” she says. A listing of songs is not complete without them!” Do you have personal song favorites you like even more? “They all have their own unique style. But if I had to choose one it would be “Hooker Red” The Fembot Vixen Remix because it’s a party rave theme!” Tiahzzi’s new songs can be found at