Samplified By Acoustic Guitar Chords and Loops

With all the sample packs available to producers these days, having a service which delivers everything in one package is a service worth investing a look into. With Simplified, the first impression is, “just another sample pack.” However, as we travel through the catalog of available packs, we are astounded at the amount of work and detail each pack contains. Their newest pack, “Acoustic Guitar Chords and Loops,” features over 600Mb of chords, arpeggios, lead loops, combo loops, and different variations between strum and plucked notes. Available in ever key these samples are an easy fit into any open project, without the need for transposition. With multiple tempo changes, the pitch stays perfectly in key with every shift.

The sound quality on “Acoustic Chords and Loops” are crystal clear without any unwanted noise. By delivering a clear, concise sound allows for all the overtones to sound out, permitting samples to be mixed to any volume without unwanted distortion.  The highlight for this pack is the arpeggio patterns, utilized in every major and minor key, they bring in many of the upper register chord tones, instead of focusing on just the fundamentals.

The rhythm loops presented in the demo are interesting, the guitar is played cleanly over modulating grooves and melodies which are far from boring. Interesting melodies are what makes Samplified stand out from the rest; the samples are geared to a musician who thinks producing should remain fun and dynamic, not for elevators. By working with musicians, and listening to their needs, Samplified can deliver to musicians what they need. “Acoustic Guitar Chords and Loops” is not just another sample but a package tailored to the producer.