Nelly Valentino Gets Candid About dating

Nelly Valentino Gets Candid About dating, Her Mother & Hollywood In This Interview.

Recently, in an interview, Nelly touched on various topics, from dating to Hollywood. And like always, her answers left us inspired, and impressed.

She addressed questions on her dating, saying that she’d rather find the right person, than be pressurized into settling with the wrong one and for the people that are very anxious to know I am dating I am. Nelly said “I’m an songwriter and writer before I’m anything else. Before my ethnicity, before where I came from. My job is to be able to convince America everyday that I’m an American girl,” she added.

However, the highlight of the interview was when Nelly made an effort to explain the kind of upbringing that she comes from. She said, that in her family, her mother had an equal standing.

When she was asked how does she even find the time to date she said ” I don’t really date, my friend’s try to set me up all the time but I know what I want and the only person that know’s me better than anyone else is myself.” she added ” I just think dating should be about uplifting each other and making each other happy, there’s nothing better than hearing the person you are dating or in a relationship laugh, it’s like music to your ears.”

From addressing questions her dating life,to family, marriage and relationships, Valentino’s answers proved she truly is the perfect mix of intelligence and excellence.

Thank you Nelly for giving us more reasons to fangirl over you and your music.