Film Editor Aayush Gaur Proves His Talent With Successful Projects Throughout Hollywood

How do you get into the movie business? Good question! Some people get in because they know somebody who is already in the industry and they use that connection to get their foot in the door. Of course, there are only a few of those lucky people who take advantage of that once in a lifetime opportunity. Another way to get into the entertainment world is to do what Aayush Gaur did. He studied hard and set his mind to getting in and succeeding in the film business. Oh, and he watched hundreds of Bollywood Hindi films growing up in India and then watched hundreds more movies of American, British, Korean and French origin. By the time he went to university to study animation, he was practically an international film historian simply by watching and reading about movies and how they were made and who made them.

Speaking of working hard, Aayush traveled to California to study filmmaking at the famous Los Angeles Film School. His determination carried him through school and into the industry where he began editing Indian films remotely from Los Angeles. Besides all the things he was taught in school, Aayush also learned by doing. He didn’t shy away from jobs because they might be too difficult. Rather, he jumped in head first to every opportunity that was offered to him and if he didn’t know how to do something or how to use certain software for editing and VFX (Visual Effects), he would ask someone who did know or he would research it and learn it quickly so he could proceed.

Aayush has certainly learned all of the state of the art editing software and how to use them creatively. Some of his work is extremely inventive and highly creative like the fashion films he has edited such as: Derby Day LA, Cultural Fashion, Punjabi Munde Fashion Film, A Royal Hideout, and Fashion Collab among many others under Urban Phulkari productions. Short films such as: A Ghost Love Story, Xavier and Awful Day, to name a few, have been edited beautifully by Aayush. Many of the projects he has worked on have been award winners at international film festivals, Some for best actors and some for best direction.

His determination has produced tangible results, in that he has worked in Hollywood for eight years now and he is an in-demand editor who producers and directors can rely on to complete a project from the beginning shot to the last cut. Aayush is a big fan of film editor Lee Smith, who works regularly with Christopher Nolan; and Jeffrey Ford, who has also edited The Avengers, Captain America 1,2 and 3, Iron Man 3 and Spider Man: No Way Home, among others.