Vente Conmigo By Young Gambino

Solo project from Young Gambino, with assistance from Jory Box and Drey Vuitton gives us his newest single, “Vente Conmigo,” a fast-paced hip-hop track filled with harmony, melody and rhythmic beats. The intro to “Vente Conmigo” features an acapella vocal with a droning synth beat building a tension which Young Gambino will release with an explosive bass beat, coming into the main melody of the track. The freestyle rapping technique incorporated by Young Gambino explores the speed in which he can execute his lines, yet shows enough break to capture the sultry, elegance of his lyrical theme.

“No me tortures mas, Vente conmigo yo te lo pido baby,” “Do not torture me anymore, come with me, I ask you, baby.” With each chorus, we hear the harmonizing talents of this collaboration, as each frequency compliments each voice creating a full spectrum of baritone vocals. With the slightly syncopated groove coming in behind the down beat the melody balances perfectly behind this vocal effect.

The production value on “Vente Conmigo” is beautifully executed as each sample is mixed expertly into its respective frequency while blending around the underlying bass groove to create a complete track ready to be released to industry. “Vente Conmigo” would make an excellent addition to any urban radio playlist, with its infectious choruses and elegant grooves making the replayability a tasty offering to the radio.

In the clubs, “Vente Conmigo” would fit into any DJ playlist with it funk inspired groove allowing the dancers to sway to these dynamic beats. Overall, “Vente Conmigo” is a very enjoyable track, and we look forward to hearing more offering from Young Gambino.


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