Impressed by the track vLone from Gen’s debut EP “#Y15946”

Rapper is yet another talented rapper ready to rise on the music horizon. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Gen has made a dramatic entry into music arena with his debut EP titled “#Y15946”. Due to uniqueness and quality of work, the EP has been appreciated by music fans and critics.

You must be thinking why we have used the word ‘unique’. There is a big reason behind this. The EP is based on his personal experiences, his life, hardships he has faced after release from prison. Yes he was in prison (that’s another story we will discuss some other time) and this EP is based on his life after he was released. So there is a realistic touch in all the tracks and that’s what makes this EP unique.

There are 7 tracks in total but the one we loved the most is ‘vLONE’. The track is produced by OG WEBBIE. Even though the track is less then 2 minutes in length but the one can feel the depth of the feelings in each and every word. Lyrics, vocals, production, composition everything is up to the mark.Once you will go through this track you can’t resist listing it again.

Keeping in mind, it’s Gen’s debut EP, that’s exceptional work. Definitely the time will bring more improvement and experience but a guy who is naturally talented like him can’t be stopped from becoming a super rapper in time to come.

And the it has already begun, as since his release, Gen’s life has taken a dramatic turn for the better. This EP is a celebration of life.

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