Miss Chay Bella is ‘Permanently On Vacation’

Miss Chay Bella, aka The Rap Princess, explained the details of her latest project ‘Permanently On Vacation’.

“It’s a status, a lifestyle.”

She laughs.

“A permanent vacation is enjoying life anyway possible, away from drama, away from work, away from small minds or feeling boxed in and trapped wherever you are. It’s feeling good 24/7, free, confident, sexy, adventurous. It’s taking the initiative to be how you want to feel. We go against the grain, exploring mile by mile and vow to never go back. We find enjoyment in what we do to make a living because it doesn’t feel like work, and it’s fun! Everyone wants to be on a permanent vacation if they knew how. Wouldn’t you?”

Interesting point of view…

“It’s looking back on your past in a positive way because you decided to change it for the good of humanity and for the good of yourself permanently. So now life’s a party, and we celebrate birthdays every day over here!”

What is your favorite song on the project, and how was it working with the producers?

“I was blessed to work with four great producers on this project, and I think we were all surprised with the content and outcome. They are really amazing songs, and each song is different. It’s hard to choose! They allowed me to really be myself and be very open with my lyrics.”

Do you have any favorites?

“I Just Wanna (Parties), Summertime, and Play Along are some of my favorites.”