It’s Time To Know More About Kraken Music

Q: Hello Kraken Music. We are intrigued about your music! Tell us about your inspirations for EDM and when you got started?

Hi! Thank you, I’m glad that you are curious! I started with EDM five years ago in the studio, I was searching for a music genre I wanted to work with regarding the artistic process and the structure itself. But it wasn’t the first thing I thought when I’ve fallen in love with EDM, It blew my mind the way this music genre had a way of uniting the fun, the caring for one another and hope above all things inside the music and festivals. It was everything that I believed as my mission as an artist, I want people to have fun listening to my music, but at the same time, they can count on it when times get hard and they feel insecure. Music had helped me every time I needed to, I want my music to do the same.

Q: Your style is very fun! Where do you seek style inspirations and who are your style ICONS?

Thank you!!
My style is based on my personality, I like to create this unexpected changing style like you can’t classify me, I’m a mix of many cultures and that’s my characteristic. People feel connected because it looks fun and it looks familiar too, that’s a good thing about having a mix of cultures, you’ll truly fell connected to a lot of people, there’s always something “familiar”. But of course, I have style icons thought most people won’t get it because it won’t show similarities with my style, anyway, Chiara Feragni and Bella Hadid, if we go more into the fashion I would say Tom Ford and Alexander Wang.

Q; Tell our US readers about living in Brazil and the music scene there ?

Brazil’s a great country and besides the tropical landscape and our summer that seems to last forever, is a country shaped by many cultures as well, which now defines Brazil. And this translates the varied rhythms and stories we have in our music history here. But the music scene here is too focused on the national market and thought our music audience here is very strong for most of the international music genres, I feel that music industry in Brazil has a lot to be learned with this new international structure of the music scene. I take a lot of care when it comes to producing a new song, or planning something in my career, which I saw as usual with my teams overseas, but many times was considered perfectionism and a waste of time by professionals in Brazil. As I said, it’s a great country and our people really enjoy music, but I feel like we have a lot of problems to work it out in Brazil as a total.

Q: We know that you are set to tour the US next year. Where do you hope to play and where do you think your music will be best received?

In my performance, I like to bring the fun and excitement a party must be, I want you to feel like you are at an electronic music festival in the tropics with a lot of EDM and lyrics that say everything you want to say. So when I think about bringing this to a place in the States, I think about Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and NYC, I also think that the best places should be clubs and then festivals. When it comes to clubs we have more ways to fit in the schedule so we might consider something sooner.

Q: Do you enjoy dancing and do you spend a lot of time in clubs when you are not performing yourself?

I think that you need to know as an audience too where your song will be played, I know we all have the streaming format for songs that are released in streamings, but to know how you as an artist will create something that touches people’s heart, you need to know well how it feels to be at a party, in a club, and in a festival. I was raised in a country that gives a lot of importance to this, Brazilian audience always wants to be part of the show, we might even sound too passionate, but it’s the energy, that creates those unforgettable moments to the fans and the artists. I know how to create songs for clubs because I know how it feels to be in a club, the fun, the stories, the friendship, love, expectations, also I know what people expect in a festival, it’s not comfortable, nothing is near a festival, but it all worth it for those moments, when you feel amazing and everyone around you feel it too. And of course, I love dancing!

Q: What could our readers expect to see when they go to a LIVE Kraken show?

They can expect to be inside of real party, with the feeling of EDM festivals, dancing and having the most fun like if you were on vacation mode. I take over the vocals and special raps just for the live because a party deserves special sentences that will last forever, I have very strong EDM beats that will make them dance all night because there’s no party without dancing!

Q: Use 5 words to describe your music and your LIVE show!

Fun, Party, Hope, Unity and Love.

Q: What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

Yes, I love climbing so everything I can I find a climbing route if I’m in Rio, Brazil, Sugar Loaf is my favor I feel like favorite place, also I love going to the beach, so every time I can I walk on the Beach.

Q: Your new album is set to come out soon. Can you tell us when and where we can buy it?

Yes! I’m very excited about it, first, we are going to have two singles released on the next months, they are part of the concept of the Album which will come right after, by their names people will already have an idea of what to expect. It will be on the streamings and available on the digital, but there a little surprise after.

Q: Thank you for your time and for your fun music!!

Oh I’ve loved this interview!! I’m glad you enjoyed my music!