Director, producer and writer of ‘Sisters’ -Charles Ancelle

Some people have it and some people would love to have it. Charles Ancelle, the Parisian film producer currently residing in Los Angeles, is one of those fortunate who definitely have it. When he came out of film school (New York Film Academy) He and Anna Skrypka formed a producing partnership and have gone on to make some remarkable movies, music videos, web series and award-winning short films.

One of those great little gems is titled Sisters. It was produced, written and directed by Charles and it is about a young woman’s mysterious sister suddenly coming back into her life after years of absence and zero communication. Lisa is a music producer’s assistant who is moving up in the business world and is in a solid and loving relationship with her girlfriend Michelle. Vanessa, Lisa’s sister begs her to let her stay at her place for just a few days. Lisa allows it grudgingly and soon finds out that Vanessa is pursuing a singing career, which Lisa could actually help her with given the professional she is in with the music producer.

It becomes obvious that the sisters have had a history of problems in their relationship and that they have never taken the time or effort to resolve them properly. Ultimately, a huge yelling match breaks out between them when Lisa tells Vanessa that she will not help her music career move forward. When Vanessa decides to leave the two sisters finally confront their troubled past.

Are we our ‘sister’s keeper,” one might ask? One might also ponder what obligations are incumbent upon siblings for the other’s well-being or even happiness? This film is a thoughtful approach to those and many other themes that leave the audience fulfilled and also a bit ponderous about their own family relationships.