Blue Midnight – Dream Metal band

Blue Midnight is a Dream Metal band formed out of Los Angeles, CA. It was created by lead singer/songwriter, Justine Glaser, and her producer/cousin, Sam Glaser. Blue Midnight blends a variety of sounds together. It is a combination of the classical symphony orchestra and ethereal sounding vocals with the heavy rock sounds of the metal scene. The band’s influences are Nirvana, Bjork, Muse, Mozart, Portishead, Beethoven, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Korn, A Perfect Circle, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, and Linkin Park. The current members of the band are Justine Glaser (lead vocals), Todd McCool (rhythm guitar), Mike Hill (bass), Matt Hornbeck (lead guitar), Edgar Sandoval (violin) and David Allen (drums).


Vocalist and songwriter, Justine stated, “I was picturing a horror fairytale, the song Nightshade is about toxicity in all of its forms that look the most appealing.” Blue Midnights songs are like a moment in time. There has always been liberation in the lyrics, and genre-bending in the soundtracks. Starting with the concept to fuse the two world’s of music together by combining both heavy elements and orchestral elements. The band wishes to continue this tradition, but with perception and craftsmanship that simply a band of their calibre could command.

Blue Midnight will be performing throughout the year! Check out their website for their tour dates and to listen to songs from their new album Eternal Wish