The Music Genre You Should Listen to in 2020, According to Your Zodiac

If you’re prone to dabbling in astrology – or are just curious – you might be interested to learn which music genre is best suited to your star sign.

Whether you’re a pop-loving Leo or a free-floating Pisces, the tempo and mood of a genre is often well-matched to different personality types. Chillout Radio here lets you pick the perfect song for your needs, making it great for those with highly selective music tastes.

Without further ado, here are the music genres each zodiac was destined to fall for:

Aries: Rock

Fiery, energetic and upbeat Aries’ need music that gets their adrenaline going – of which rock music is the perfect antidote. Anything heavy and strong that makes an Aries want to move is going to be appreciated, while slow, gentle music is likely to bore them out of their minds.

Taurus: Classic Hits

A Taurus is a nostalgic creature who values comfort and familiarity. As such, they are likely to feel happiest listening to classic hits that remind them of their childhood. This could be pop, rock, hip-hop or country – it doesn’t matter, as long as it has personal significance to them.

Gemini: Dance & Techno

The airy, lightweight and versatile Gemini loves music that lets them feel loose and free. Dance or techno are a Gemini’s jam, because they let them dance and connect with those around them. A Gemini loves to stay on their feet, making these genres perfect for them.

Cancer: R&B & Blues

Cancerians are known for their emotional and sentimental personality. They value music which is soulful and emotive, of which R&B and blues are kings. The combination of passion and story in these genres make them ideal for a Cancerian; it makes them come alive.

Leo: Pop

Playful, fun-loving Leos love the spotlight and are drawn to their fellow leaders – of which pop stars reign. Almost anything in the top 40 will appeal to a Leo, in part because they like what is popular and also because they love high-energy, fun music.

Virgo: Classical

The intellectual, down-to-earth Virgo is the perfect match for classical music. Both are clean, smart and deeply inspired. Virgos don’t like to be told what to think, hence why they aren’t the biggest fans of music with lyrics. Instead they opt for classical tunes which allow them to tap into the creative side of their brains.

Libra: Country & Folk

Libras come alive when relating to others, and their loving, social nature means they tend to be big fans of country or folk music. They resonate deeply with songs which communicate connection, life stories and romance.

Scorpio: Rap & Hip-Hop

Scorpios are intense, mysterious and passionate, and their music tastes reflect this. Rap and hip-hop speak to them because of their depth and passion – to a Scorpio, these genres are like poetry. They allow for an honest outlet for their often intense emotions and experiences.

Sagittarius: World Music

Adaptable and explorative, Sagittarius’ love change and adventure. As you can imagine, world music offers them the perfect outlet for their dynamic personality, allowing them to learn from and enjoy different cultures. They don’t need to understand the language – the emotion is all they need!

Capricorn: Jazz

Hard-working and intelligent Capricorn’s need music that resonates with them, and there are few genres as sophisticated as jazz. Just like a Capricorn, a jazz player makes their own rules and puts in the hard yards to perfect their craft.

Aquarius: Alternative

Aquarius’ love the free-spirited and rebellious attitude of alternative music, and are particular fans of artists which are highly innovative. They are probably the least likely zodiac sign to listen to the top 40 hits.

Pisces: Psychedelic Rock & Indie

Known as the “hippies of the zodiac”, Pisces’ music tastes often fluctuate depending on their mood. However, they tend to show a preference for dreamy or trippy music that takes them to another world. This makes psychedelic rock and indie music of particular interest to them. Dream pop and ambient music are also appreciated by Pisces’.


Your zodiac’s musical genre can say a lot about who you are and what you value.