Justice’s debut album “My Life”-Impressive

Recently came across interview of an upcoming music artist “Justice”. I was impressed by the interview and got curious about his recently released EP “My Life”. So instantly purchased the EP to checkout the tracks and standard of the artist’s skills and talent. After purchasing and downloading the songs,  listened to the album twice. I would say it’s really impressive. Rating it outstanding keeping in view that it’s his first EP. His storytelling and  poetic Rap style…

"Justice’s debut album “My Life”-Impressive"

Elaine Elizabeth Presely

Multi award winning singer/songwriter, Elaine Elizabeth Presley, born 11th of December, 1959 in the UK, a loving biological daughter of Elvis Presley, caring sister and parent of one beautiful daughter and grandparent to a beautiful baby girl in 2015 and a baby boy in 2016. Elaine Elizabeth Presley is the only other daughter who does not have to claim to be home at Graceland, as she is home and living her legacy while continuing the…

"Elaine Elizabeth Presely"

After Alice

Afteralice is a highly ranked band both nationally and globally by Reverb Nation. The band has songs that cross into many different music style genre’s with out losing the bands musical identity. The multi genre’s include: alternative rock, indie rock, alternative pop, indie pop, power pop, alternative metal, rock and acoustic. We have songs that are on global radio, spinning by DJ’s in night clubs that every music lover will enjoy. Current radio station airplay…

"After Alice"

Ray Ramon

Ray Ramon is a Nigerian Born Australian Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer and Actor. Ray’s musical influences originated from watching the King of Pop Michael Jackson perform some of his greatest Hits to Gospel Artist Don Moen’s soulful songwriting style. Ray draws inspiration from his personal life experience(s) and in 2012 introduced his wife Jenni Lea Ramon as co-writer to his music on an Interview with Jill Emberson of 1233 ABC Newcastle. Ray Ramon has won the…

"Ray Ramon"


The Bee is a creation all her own. She mixes her two loves, music and fashion, together. She wears her signature “stingers” daily to spread this message: Don’t Sting, Don’t Judge, Just Love. “I believe that the purpose in life is to love one another. I think when we judge it is the same as stinging; and honeybees die after they sting, in a spiritual sense we will as well. So I figured the best…



Almost everyone loves movies because, among other things, they allow you to live vicariously through fictional characters and situations. You get to fly through space at warp speed or dive thousands of feet in a submarine, exploring the depths of the oceans. Of course, you also get to fall in love with the most beautiful people in the digital universe, all in the privacy of your own home or in a large dark room that…


Selena Gomez Dances With ADORABLE 6-Year-Old Fan

During a stop on her revival tour, Selena Gomez did something adorable. The Zumba-dancing internet sensation Audrey Nethery, who has a rare bone marrow disease called Diamond-Blackfan Anemia, got to shake a leg with the superstar. “Finally got to meet this sweetheart,” wrote Gomez in the video’s caption. “She owned it fully.” She had uploaded the video on Instagram and it is the cutest thing you’ll see today.

"Selena Gomez Dances With ADORABLE 6-Year-Old Fan"