Yael Benamour a.k.a Gaby Mour Sharing Her Amazing Talent And Creativity With The World!

To each her own. It’s so easy to get lost in music and there are so many different kinds of music to get lost in. Aren’t we lucky? We don’t need to rattle off the countless categories and subcategories of music here but since we were fortunate enough to hear some of the original music composed by the well-established composer, songwriter, and arranger, Gaby Mour, we just want to shout about it. She is a multi-hyphenated powerhouse of talent. Her music really can’t be classified (as far as we are concerned) with just one or two labels simply because her seemingly endless creative abilities won’t allow it. Her inventive mind and boundless curiosity for new challenges continue to gush out more and more sounds that feel altogether new and familiar at the same time.

Gaby’s new beats, new rhythms and new patterns don’t just fall on deaf ears; they reach out and grab the listener and pull them in completely! Once pulled in they find that escaping the beauty of Gaby’s world of music is something that they just prefer not to do. It’s much more pleasant and we feel, intelligent, to acquiesce to the wonderful and at the same time powerful emotional feelings the music evokes. That is why this talented and gifted musician is in demand as a composer for motion picture scores, commercials, TV shows and documentaries.

She grew up playing classical piano in the south of France and everyone around her, including Gaby herself, knew that she would only be happy living and breathing music for the rest of her life. And that is exactly what she chose as a career. Her university degree was in Orchestration and Harmonies and she has worked for major music companies along with producing, songwriting, arranging and composing since then. She does live and breathe music. How can she not? If we were to guess we would also suggest that she even dreams in music and harmonies that they are somehow fully enveloped in the brightest and deepest hues of the richest technicolor.

Gaby is an artist who is one of the lucky ones. That is, she actually gets to live her dream on a daily basis. She is also an award-winning singer, which makes her even more of a multi-hyphenated talent who is in the right place and whose musical gifts make any time the right time for her music.