It’s Time To Know More About Moneybagz Da Babyboy

Moneybagz Da Babyboy which is from Erie PA. On West 18th Street aka Little Italy. My age 24 born on August 26th 1992. Ima 90’s baby, early 90’s baby. I went to Los Lunas highschool in new mexico, Gosnell highschool in Arkansas & graduated in 2011 at Strong Vincent highschool in Erie PA

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Ans: exciting

Q: How do you shut things out?

Ans: just ignore the hate
Q: How easily do songs tend to come to you?

Ans : Always

Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ans: don’t worry about it just focus on what’s next


Q: What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car?

ANs: T.I. whatever you like, Fergie glamious & Hanson MmmmBop.

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words?

Ans: Lit, Live, Bangers, Hitz, Popping

Q: You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the proccess?

ANS: Yes I do my own lyrics, when I hear a beat instrumental I like I flow to it.

Q:Who are your inspirations?

Ans: Master p, Bow wow, Romeo, And Mullatto

Q: If you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?

Ans: Dej Loaf, Iggy & Mylie Cyrus

Q:What is your favorite song to sing live?

Ans: Wake Up