IT’s Time To Know More About Bentley Browning

When did you decide to make a record?

Endless hours during lockdown resulted in me spending more time on the guitar and learning more chords,,the fulfillment level was great after wasting hours watching Netflix.Also my fathers death inspired a lot of song ideas,I’m sure the songs acted as a way of mourning.I Can Feel You In My Blood is definitely inspired by my father

How easily do songs come to you?

A damn sight more easily than jokes come to me! My other job is stand up comedian.I have been writing songs in bands since the age of 18 and in the last 10 years i have been singing in alt rock band Explode The Tv ,Their stuff is different-more full on rock. My solo songs are  more indie pop,

Explain your sound in 5 words?


Where do you draw you inspiration from?

From what ever my soul demands for eg my next song is called Don’t Watch The News which is inspired by the sense of  sadness and exaggeration which comes from the manipulative messages of a lot of mass media.

Alot of my songs can be about 3 or 4 themes at once.I deliberately like to keep the songs poetic and random.I believe in God so faith shows up all over the place in my material.

When you write whats your favourite part of the process?

Getting a great melody idea is fantastic fun…finally hearing the finished track is a is the recording process..I’m a live performer so playing live for me is king

Do You Have any live events coming up or recording?

No gigs unfortuantely..but i am rehearsing witha guitarist on Saturday  in preperation for when they do happen again.Bar that recording is going a head of Dont Watch the News and a track about Liz Hurley who i worked with on a Spanish Civil War movie….a non speaking role as an American ambassador who let her out of a concentration camp!


When did you start playing?

I started battering the arm chair with knitting needles at the age of 10-got into drums and the anfter trying my hand at acting in Spain for 2 years i returned to the uk and became a singer..Shouting along to Mansun songs in Regents Park

Is your family musical?

My father played clarinet,my sister played piano and my brother plays guitar in Caffeine and Calling All Astronauts

How Do you balance your music with all the other things in your life

The passion of music can consume you with no remorse whatso ever so i have to be careful i dont OD on it.I am lucky that i have a job which i can fit round my music ,,I run a comedy course for beginners....

Do You Play in Public?

Yes when the venues are booking again i will be laying with Explode The Tv and as a solo performer-My solo act may be called The Angels Of London watch this sapce

I Can Feel You In My Blood is available at most digital stores from October 5th

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