An Exclusive Interview With Talented Producer Low K3Y

When did you start producing?

I started producing when I was 16 years old, I had no knowledge of music or anything haha, I didn’t know even how to count bars. I just loved music and knew I was going to figure it out cause other people had.

What was your earliest influence?

My earliest influence has to be Puffys No Way Out . It was the first album I ever owned, I got it from my cousin when I was 7 and it was a wrap from there with me and Hip Hop.

What are currently your main challenges as a Producer?

I would say the challenging part is getting music to artist. There’s ways around it though you just have to stay persistent & not ruin your intergrady.

What can we expect from Low K3y in 2019?

Expect to definitely start seeing my name pop up, I’ve taken a different approach to things this year & it’s working out.

What’s your routine when you are in production mode?

Gotta have some weed and energy drinks haha. Smoke up and just start working until I get tired. Sleep for a little & repeat.

What advice would you give up and coming producers?

Staying consistent and try to find other avenues. I’ve been producing music for ten years with success in scoring with tv, film & commercials but no placements with hip hop artist yet. So it’s good to open your options so you can increase your income if one option isn’t working.

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What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

When I’m not working on music I’m just hanging out or with my brother. A non music/business day for me is smoke a few blunts, eat some food and watch some stand up/comedy or a documentary.


What did you have to sacrifice to make your business happen?(hobbies,etc)

Pretty much everything haha… This is all I really do. 24/7.

What was your first music related job?

First job I had was at a studio recording artist the other engineers didnt want to, it was crazy. I knew once I could sit through those sessions I could make it haha.

Are you open to working with other producers?

At the moment I’m trying push my own brand & music. Later down the line I’m definitely open to it, but as of right now I’m trying to build a foundation.

What if they were established already?

I think I would probably pass that too, I want to build something that runs independently. Too many times I see artist that attach to a name and soon as they stop working together they are obsolete.


How do you not waste time? AKA how do you get everything you need to get  done?

What I did was made it a part of my lifestyle, so it’s not over whelming. I’ll be watching something and gathering emails to send beats too. Even when I’m making beats I’m watching Drink Champs or some stand up comedy. So I’m constantly working. It gives me a upper hand with getting stuff done.

Where can people find you ?

You can follow me on Instagram (@Thereallowk3y) or check out my website