An Exclusive Interview With Talented Artist Dim-1

1. How do you block things out?
Answer: antidepressants

2. For our readers who don’t no anything about you in 5 words Describe your sound? Relatable,emo,grungy, hip, harmonic..

3. Do you get nervous be a performance ?

Yes feeling if I am not good enough just want people to like me easy do your songs come to you ?

In sleep, driving sometimes my producer telling me let’s write about this and he also pull stuff out and put in at times

5.whats advice do you have for careers in general?

Stuck with it practice and prove people wrong…

6. What’s the motto or advise you live by?
Everything you do good and evil will come back three times be careful and nice…

7.whats your favorite song to sing live ?

Iam working on all new music when I rehearsal it’s a song called I lied that’s also a title to a song on the album… #did

8.what are your inspiration?

My family and accomplishing the dreams and goals I set out… often and how long you practice?

Some days 3 to four hours some days a few minutes, don’t tell my management team … lmao

10.what is your favorite song to belt out at bar/car?
Black Sabbath war pigs , xxxtentacion sad , 21 pilot it depends on amy mood I guess…