An Exclusive Interview With Michael & Volodymyr (composer of Mutual love)

Michael (composer of Mutual love): The inspiration is coming to me from the different ways. Sometimes it’s a travelling, discovering our planet and sometimes it’s like an flashlight that you can’t ignore. You never know when it will come next time, so just grab it and never give away.In case of “Mutual love”, the composition was created when I realized how important relatives and friends are. And I wish to do my best for those people.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Michael: It’s an instrumental music that describes some sort of feeling the world and it’s absolutely different feelings in every composition. Some composition is about freedom and mental stability and some other track is about protest and war. We try to make contrasts. And I hope our music connects people with the same emotions and same life experience.

“Mutual love” is a composition about values that we cannot disregard. It’s all about something that makes us Human.

Volodymyr: I was a fan of the Finnish cello-band Apocalyptica and I get a lot of ideas from them, they still inspire me. I really like the mix of genres – rock and symphony orchestra – it’s an atomic mixture!

Composing music is also influenced by a person’s character, because music is about personal experiences. I am a melancholic, so my music is thoughtful, minor, but with notes of hope, sometimes with aggression.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

Michael: For me it depends in what mood am I right now. Recently I like contemporary classical and jazz music. It make me feel interested. I like to feel and hear something new, something that makes me a little bit more experienced.

Volodymyr: I used to learn to dance and for me there were two most passionate dances – rumba and tango. Tango is very passionate and dynamic, and rumba is passionate and melancholic.

When I perform music on the stage, I also feel very cool and confident. Especially when women pay an attention on you 🙂 Then the level of passion rises to heaven. It’s inspiring.

Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician?

Michael: Feelings that arise you during making a good piece and when the result makes listeners happy – it’s a fairytale part of being a musician. The least favor part is all about instability.

Volodymyr: My favorite part is to be a musician in general. You are a freelancer who works for yourself. And you create your own work schedule.

I love rehearsals. At rehearsals, the band improves its overall level. And it’s fun. We always have reasons to joke.

Of course, the culmination of rehearsals is a concert. At the concert you get a lot of pleasure, because you create an atmosphere with your playing and inspire the audience.

The most unloved part is the transportation of the instrument. I am a cellist. And cello is a very large instrument. It is especially difficult when you need to have a cello, a suit, and various electronics with you. Its a risk to have a problems with your back. And its very uncomfortable.

How can anyone who likes your music check you out?

You can check us via music distribution platforms, our official YouTube channel, our website, social media, and of course at live concerts (check our social media via links on website).

So, this is your first single on an international label. What are your plans for the future?

We want to release our debut album, make more ROCKOKO style music and find more listeners and like-minded people in music.