Sound And Track Magazine New Music Feature: Cordel

It’s that time of the week again, folks. Yep, it’s Music Monday time – and, of course, that means we’ve got another exclusive interview for your reading pleasure.

Cordel is a brand new artist with his debut on the horizon. We have listened, it’s a ravashing track. (full review Wednesday 7th June 9am GMT)
Cordel is in his early twenties and ready to blow the music world wide open. Here is his cover of Creep
On our XFM show Tuesdays nights at 9 we will be covering Cordel, playing his new single and more, for now we caught up with him and here’s what he had to say,

SNT- Cordel great to meet you, tell us what’s your life like at the moment?

Cordel- You too. Very hectic, with the single about to drop we are getting everything into place.

SNT- We can imagine, with already getting praise from the Likes of Radio 1 and XFM for your cover of Creep, is there pressure to make sure your debut was to that level?

Cordel- Thinking about it now, yes. But not at the time, the single was actually recorded before Creep, so I always saw it as a stepping stone to my sound.

Snt- Your sound is so unique, we understand that. You have a huge year ahead of you how ……..

We have to stop there, check back Thursday to hear about Cordel learning from legends and hollywood directors.