Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’ Makes Harold Scrap Fretty Reminisce about “Only God Can Judge Me”

When Harold Scrap Fretty and his manager William Junebug Lee watched the Tupac Biopic All Eyes On Me they were astonished at the powerful performance by actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr. Harold Scrap Fretty, who produced on “Only God Can Judge Me” started to reminisce about creating the groove for the song that the world has come to love.

It was a summer night in Compton when Harold Scrap Fretty, Deleon Adams, Anthony Elam and Wendell Jackson known as an emerging rap group called human Dogg was sitting in a car smoking and hanging out. Harold Scrap Fretty began to beat box an infectious groove that incited a rap freestyle between Deleon, Anthony and Wendell.

After the remarkable display of lyrics and synergy Harold scrap Fretty realized he had something spectacular and teamed up with Doug Rasheed. The original unreleased recording of “Only God Can Judge Me” by 2PAC was called “Funkin Up The Backseat” by Human Dogg.