“Never Compare Yourself To Others, Be True To who Are And Breathe”, The words Actress Romane Portail Lives By

Romane told an interviewer when asked what advice she would give aspiring actors. “There is no wrong road.” She was quoting the poet Robert Frost and she added, “Never compare yourself to others. Be true to who are … and breathe! It appears that this French actress has taken her own advice because she is definitely true to herself and she doesn’t need to compare herself to others because she is such a unique person and thespian that she is probably mimicked by a great deal of other people instead of vice-versa.

Romane Portail has always been true to herself, all you have to do is watch her acting reel to see that she is a bona fide professional actress who has also taken the road that is exclusively tread on by her alone. In all the countless TV shows, movies and stage plays that she has acted in Romane has always given uncommonly beautiful and believable performances. Her young women characters always have a bloom on them and the older women she has played are uniquely wise, mature and matronly when called for. Of course, she also has a seductive side to her and when that comes out all the men and the women are paying very close attention for entirely different reasons altogether.

Romane is a French actress and that is saying a lot. France is a country to itself in that it does things differently than other cultures. It does things in ways that give it the reputation for having style and the French people are many times envied for their ways of living that seem totally enjoyable as if they are taking full advantage of all the good things that life and the planet and the imagination and creativity can develop and give to them – for their happiness. It almost seems too good to be true but it’s not. They are the French and that’s the way they like it.

Romane, being French, has all of these wonderful French bits of culture and enjoyment of life within her along with the French tradition of discipline in artistry and the way one expresses one’s self. She is the bearer of all good French and she shares them with us every time she plays a character. The richness of her upbringing mixed with the sensuousness and sensitivity of being a French actress will always be a pleasure to watch in anything she does.