eLAY is back with an amazing EP!

Award winning singer/musician eLAY from Birmingham, England is making a comeback after a terrible illness. He has put his energy (amongst many other interesting projects) into releasing a brand new EP.

If you are a fan of musical genres which include funk, indie or rock, then you should find eLAY appealing.

This 2 Track EP really shows eLAYs individuality and creativity. It is actually produced by eLAY himself at Production Boudoir studio and consists of the tracks ‘Crazy’ and ‘I Want You’ and I have been lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of it:

‘Crazy’ has a 70s/80’s funk appeal to it. It is extremely catchy, very original and is about seeing someone you know from afar and not having the guts to approach them and tell them how you really feel.

‘I  Want You’ is actually the opposite to ‘Crazy’ in the sense that it is about getting straight to the point and saying how you feel. It is a more bold and direct song and is slower and smoother than ‘Crazy’ (although both tracks highlight eLAYs cool and distinctive vocal technique.)

This EP is out from 31/3/18 and is a must listen!