Siren TV show

I heard two rumors about Siren. I heard there wouldn’t be a second season, but that turned out to be a lie. (Whew!) But this other one has me worried. The guy who wrote the music may have been fired. (I googled him and theres a fabric store with his name, but I don’t think it’s the same guy.) I also heard they fired the girl who is the singing voice of Ryn, too. (Not Eline, but the voice.)


So why is this even important to me?


Maybe it’s because I have the sea in my blood. My great grandfather was a sea captain and he supposedly joked about mermaids according to my dad and says he even heard a Siren once when he was young. I turned my dad on to the Siren music and he just loves it. I’m thinking of getting together all my bffs and writing to the studio to beg them to save our music.