An Exclusive Interview With Talented Rapper MiG Arogan

Mickenly Thoby (born on the 8th of May ), better known by the artistic name MiG Arogan, is a Haitian American rapper from New York . His parents are from the Republic of Haiti.

He was signed to Mastagrad Recordz . He was initially in the rap group Mastagrad Team  before going solo.

 MiG Arogan is a derivative of his fan name for being Arrogant’ , with the ” MiG in ‘Dutch ‘ meaning ( “I AM”  )  and Arogan OR Arrogant  ” changed into ” MiG Arogan ” but Pronounce as M.I.G Arrogant  means I Am Arrogant.

Is your family musical ?

Yes I grew up in a family where my cousins , brothers were heavily into music and my dad was actually and still a producer.

Which famous musicians have you learned from ?

Well since day one Ive always been into that gangster sh*t and 50Cent was one of my role model

Do you have events coming up ?

yes Las Vegas , FL , Ca, AZ connect on my website for more info and updates

How often and how long you practice ?

I have my own studio I record when ever I want so I don’t practice if I heard the beat drop and it’ sounds good then a hit will be created.

If you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?

Nicki Minaj I lover her personality and her style she’s unique.

How easily do song tend to come to you ?

Songs come very easy to me.

MiG Arogan
MiG Arogan

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