Say Yes To Improving Your Voice!

If one could have or dream an amazing talent, that would be singing. Everyone likes to sing. Even if that only means at a karaoke bar, a small gathering, parties or just behind your bathroom door. Can you even imagine a world without singing or music? Obviously, life would be boring without music and singing per se. There are some people who are born with a beautiful voice. The lucky ones are those who are…

"Say Yes To Improving Your Voice!"

The Best Advice That Budding Musicians Need to Follow

It is the dream of every new musician to make it big or at the very least, earn a living with their music. Now, as you know, this will not become a reality for many people. However, that shouldn’t mean you need to become discouraged or give up your passion. Rather, you simply need to know what guidelines to follow to properly establish yourself in the music industry. You don’t necessarily need to go knocking…

"The Best Advice That Budding Musicians Need to Follow"

Choosing Your Best Cajon Drum

Well with a wide range of options out there in the market it’s very difficult for one to make a choice. No worries, whie searching for the best cajon drum on the market, you may start with researching the web for various discussions of the most popular brands, builds and types of Cajons with their brief description, now it will be much easier for you to choose the perfect match, if pay attention to what…

"Choosing Your Best Cajon Drum"

How to Attract Followers On Spotify

Considering its status as one of the best-loved music streaming platforms in existence, Spotify is ideal for acts and artists hoping to gain playlist followers and promote their own works. However, the process of doing so is not always simple. The following paragraphs offer some useful methods of attracting new fans and followers on this highly-utilized service. It is indisputable that Spotify is extremely popular with those who like to stream music, and it has…

"How to Attract Followers On Spotify"

Soundcloud: Looking Back And Moving Forward

Last year was a tumultuous one for the Berlin-based music streaming platform Soundcloud. Once seen a tech juggernaut on the up-trend expected to surpass a $1 billion dollar valuation, Soundcloud has stumbled in recent years due to a number of technical and economic hurdles. The business has consistently operated at a loss, and thanks for a flurry of speculatory articles in early 2017, Soundcloud was made to seem like it was on the verge of…

"Soundcloud: Looking Back And Moving Forward"

Get Royalty free music

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"Get Royalty free music"