IT’s Time To Know More About JPLovesIt

“Be open to criticism, Be true to yourself and make moves like the “G” in lasagna (silent)” -JPLovesIt JPLovesIt is a world-inspired singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, California. Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, JPLovesIt fell in love with distinctive Haitian music such as Konpa. Her family also immersed her in a diverse array of genres, such as Salsa, Bolero, and zouk, to mention but a few. One of the artist’s main inspirations in her…

"IT’s Time To Know More About JPLovesIt"

Why is Music so Important to Us?

Music has always been part of us. It is one of the oldest forms of art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Fortunately, our generation has been blessed with numerous technological advancements. We have the freedom to download or stream our favourite songs, thanks to the internet and mobile devices. However, as convenient as the technology is, downloading/streaming quality mp3 music nowadays has become a bit problematic. Well, this is because of…

"Why is Music so Important to Us?"

The Best of the East and West in the Gaming World

 Eastern and Western cultures have their own way of doing things, from cooking food to movie genre preferences and video games. It’s safe to say that the differences are uncanny and you would think they wouldn’t mesh well together. Enter Ben Li and Koyo Sonae, this powerhouse duo who understands both Eastern and Western entertainment culture. This team is not only responsible for some cult favorite songs found in Resident Evil 2 and Devil May…

"The Best of the East and West in the Gaming World"

A Nation, Found: The Sound of Treaty

Arman S. Haghi’s art film ‘A Nation, Found’ explores themes around Indigenous Australian Treaty through music, costume, dance and poetry. Haghi assembled a passionate cast and crew of featuring talented actors, dancers, cinematographers and musicians to tell a political and culturally inspiring story. The emotional themes and spirit of the film are felt and heard in the soundtrack, which is a fitting metaphor for the overall theme, as it’s a collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous…

"A Nation, Found: The Sound of Treaty"

Director, producer and writer of ‘Sisters’ -Charles Ancelle

Some people have it and some people would love to have it. Charles Ancelle, the Parisian film producer currently residing in Los Angeles, is one of those fortunate who definitely have it. When he came out of film school (New York Film Academy) He and Anna Skrypka formed a producing partnership and have gone on to make some remarkable movies, music videos, web series and award-winning short films. One of those great little gems is…

"Director, producer and writer of ‘Sisters’ -Charles Ancelle"

Brody B.presents his new debut single Fast Lane feat. 2 Chainz!

Five-Time GRAMMY® award-winning songwriter/producer/ multi-instrumentalist & 80’s Baby Entertainment CEO Brody B. drops his debut single “Fast Lane” ft. 2 Chainz and newly signed 80’s Baby Entertainment artist GI JOE OMG. The Compton native delivers a melodic up-tempo track that offers the listener to jump in the passenger seat and enjoy the perfect ride to a destination that will guarantee an epic experience. Find Brody B. online:    

"Brody B.presents his new debut single Fast Lane feat. 2 Chainz!"