Samplified By Acoustic Guitar Chords and Loops

With all the sample packs available to producers these days, having a service which delivers everything in one package is a service worth investing a look into. With Simplified, the first impression is, “just another sample pack.” However, as we travel through the catalog of available packs, we are astounded at the amount of work and detail each pack contains. Their newest pack, “Acoustic Guitar Chords and Loops,” features over 600Mb of chords, arpeggios, lead…

"Samplified By Acoustic Guitar Chords and Loops"

Down the line By Snir Yamin

With the release of his newest single “Down The Line,” Snir Yamin is showing the alternative rock world the wondrous music coming from Israel. Continuing on the success of previous singles, “Concrete City,” and “Taking,” Snir is the example of hard work and dedication to his craft, as he approaches these songs with maturity and professionalism. With the catchy, infectious chorus on which Snir, self-harmonizes his vocals we hear a wide range of vocal talent,…

"Down the line By Snir Yamin"


When nerd-core specialists Christian Ames and John Gelardi match two characters in a bloodbath rap battle, you can be sure it’s going to be epic. Under the handle JT Music, these two nerd-core geniuses slam wit and style with “Sniper vs. Widowmaker”, a Team Fortress 2 character locking guns with an Overwatch one. For those unaware of this viral epidemic of nerd culture, JT Music places two main characters from different video games in an…


Hawk Music

Hints of ’80s jangle psych-pop bristle amidst the brilliant and punchy power chords that ebb and flow through this 5-track rocker. David Hawkins is the driving force behind this Chicago area band that mixes his passion for the old school (Dylan, VU), the not as old (Springsteen, R.E.M , dB’s) and the new (Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo). The result is an infectious blend of driving power-pop that sounds like a cross between The Foo Fighters and…

"Hawk Music"


The Happy Curmudgeons are a group of studio musicians organized by Dave Hamilton. Hamilton wrote orco-wroteall11tracksontheirfirstrelease,Meant2Be. Meant 2 Be was produced by Nate Harasim and Mark Byerly. The Happy Curmudgeons are: Dave Hamilton (Vocals,Acoustic&ElectricGuitars)JeffWarner(Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Mandolin) Amy Dixon- Lavery (Vocals) Jay “Tumbleweed” Burrs (Harmonica). Also appearing on Meant 2 Be: Takashi Iio (Bass), Keith Leonard (Bass), Shawn Ramsey (Bass), Dylan Hornsby (Bass),RickBeamon(Drums) NateHarasim(Keyboards and Piano – courtesy ofYamaha), JeffTaboloff(Sax) and Marlow…


May – Peace – FInd – You – Tonight – WAV Mdbmastered

As we look around and see a world that is topsy turvy my hope is that for each of you, the one thing you find somehow through faith, meditation, prayer, constructively is peace and that is what this song is about. Listen Now & Enjoy.

"May – Peace – FInd – You – Tonight – WAV Mdbmastered"

An Exclusive Interview With Alex Blue

Bio: Well, I grew up in a small state where ambition was scarce. I’ve always been told by my mom to strive for what I believe in no matter how much it seems like I won’t make it. I started rapping in middle-school just for fun but then began to get serious in high-school when my friends around me started giving me positive feedback. Over the years in high-school there would be random kids that…

"An Exclusive Interview With Alex Blue"