Brody B.presents his new debut single Fast Lane feat. 2 Chainz!

Five-Time GRAMMY® award-winning songwriter/producer/ multi-instrumentalist & 80’s Baby Entertainment CEO Brody B. drops his debut single “Fast Lane” ft. 2 Chainz and newly signed 80’s Baby Entertainment artist GI JOE OMG. The Compton native delivers a melodic up-tempo track that offers the listener to jump in the passenger seat and enjoy the perfect ride to a destination that will guarantee an epic experience. Find Brody B. online:    

"Brody B.presents his new debut single Fast Lane feat. 2 Chainz!"

Verde Rose – 41 featuring Paul Williams of The Temptations

After a having his album removed worldwide from some issues with his distribution company and not releasing any new music since, Verde starts the year off strong with his new release 41 produced by Goldrush Beats. On 41, you can hear Verde Speak about his longtime infatuation with Queen Pink Rose of East Atlanta, GA as her being one of the only things in life that keep him smiling. While he has other social media,…

"Verde Rose – 41 featuring Paul Williams of The Temptations"

It’s Time To Know More About Bearzerk

Bearzerk is a multinational music company headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Melbourne and Auckland. Bearzerk promotes music events and manages artists in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, and Asia. Bearzerk believes that entertainment feeds the mind, body, and soul. Entertainment brings us together and creates the foundation for people’s lives. Bearzerk is a family of dream-makers and fierce champions of positive entertainment. Bearzerk believes that entertainment is the transformative pillar for enjoyment…

"It’s Time To Know More About Bearzerk"

Something To Break My Fall

Front man James Butler draws inspiration from the worlds entropy that is a toss of the coin whilst his writing partner Graham Cupples despairs at this new modern world where ‘fantasy is the new reality’ The mixture of the writing partnership brings thought provoking lyrics and a refreshing twist to the often mundane lyrics of many modern singles. The zzips continue to draw rustic inspiration from the early days of Blues and Rock & Roll…

"Something To Break My Fall"

Its Time To Know More About Rapper The Don Kap

NYC based Israeli rapper The Don Kap is somewhat of an anomaly considering today’s prevalence of social media and technology. Without cell phone service and only real people in his life, The Don Kap keeps himself grounded in a non-digital world. Beginning his journey as a rapper at the age of 14, The Don stayed and creative and eventually went on to earn a Masters degree in film. He has a movie coming to theaters this summer titled Sex and the Future. You…

"Its Time To Know More About Rapper The Don Kap"

Malea Release Her New Single “HERO”

Fresh from the success of One Hot Mess and Swept Away, Malea returns with Hero, a single showcasing the maturity and professionalism of this seasoned musician destined to make a name for herself in the pop music community. Featuring an elegant acoustic guitar melody, Malea’s voice is carried over the music and becomes an instrument in itself. With a wide range of vocal ability, covering multiple keys, Malea can harmonize and encapsulate musical ideas with…

"Malea Release Her New Single “HERO”"