Caramel Smooth Heaven By Kaiseki Digital

Kaiseki Digital is proud to premiere the single from Caramel Smooth Heaven for upcoming album, The Shallows, influenced by assorted house and garage artists. This song is part of a greater audio story that provides an atmospheric, nonlinear experience of drowning in the ocean.” Artist: Caramel Smooth Heaven

"Caramel Smooth Heaven By Kaiseki Digital"


Chicago’s very own “ Brandon James” is ready for success, and he wants you to know it. The r&b and soul singer is creating a strong buzz with the recent release of his video “There She Goes” on YouTube. “There She Goes” is the title track for the two-track E.P released on August 3rd, 2018.  Links have been provided for the public and media to view the video for “Love Rising.” Radio and media can receive…


Interview With Multi Talented Entertainer And Musician Albert Ojeda

Albert Ojeda is American born entertainer and musician. At just 21 years old his “FREAK” Music Video (Directed by Kayleen Lansdale) was picked up by MyZoneTV in Russia and suddenly nominated for “Best Dark Video” later that year by MyZoneTV. Though the video did not win the category, the recognition later garnered Albert a coveted MTV Artist Page deeming him “GothPop Artist Albert Ojeda”. Before MTV decided to stop running BETA on Artist Profiles Albert…

"Interview With Multi Talented Entertainer And Musician Albert Ojeda"

Latest Interview With Jay Burger

Jay Burger is an Up and coming comedian just trying to make it in the big world show the love support and it will be return anything can happen. Do you write your own routines? Yes all my routines come from my mind. I record myself and listen to everyday adding and editing until I have the perfect set. Where do you get your material? Most of all my material comes from my life or…

"Latest Interview With Jay Burger"

Still Up By Chris B

 Freestyle rap artist, Chris B. has released the much-anticipated single from his fifth album, “Reflection” titled, “Still Up.” This track brings out Chris B’s maturity as he still able to drop profanity with the best of them, but molds his words around the aggression and disdain with prose and creativity. Set as a freestyle number in which Chris B unleashes his goals, ambitions, and desires to stand out amongst the heaters, and the posers, overcome…

"Still Up By Chris B"

There She Goes By Brandon James

Chicago r&b artist Brandon James had a great year in 2017. The success of his album “The Divine Collection” released last fall and the followed success of his single “Love Rising,” has put him center stage as one of Chicago’s leading independent acts. Now Brandon looks to build upon that success with the upcoming single release “There She Goes.” The single is set for release on August 3rd, 2018, with advanced copies available on Amazon…

"There She Goes By Brandon James"