Brice Sedgwick Talks About His Latest Release Venice

Brice Sedgwick’s debut album, Pacifico, was released in 2017, and his follow up, Venice, is due for release on March 11th. We spoke to Sedgwick about what he’s currently listening to, what makes him cry, and how surf culture aligns with his current record.  Whats on your current playlist? I’ve started writing new music, and i’ve been really into reggaetron, and salsa and various world beats. There’s something really cool about immersing yourself in a…

"Brice Sedgwick Talks About His Latest Release Venice"

MIKE JB SKY’s Release 4th single “Lonewolf”

Radar Love Records is thrilled to announce the release of Canadian heavy rocker MIKE JB SKY’s 4rd single “Lonewolf”. RLR’s own Writer / Producer Michael Hanson wanted to nail down “the big one”… something that was unforgettable … but that had a strong dance factor on the bottom. The end result from Hanson and JB Sky was exactly that, and more!

"MIKE JB SKY’s Release 4th single “Lonewolf”"

Exclusive Interview With Brazilian Composer ALEXANDRE JANNUZZI

Alexandre Jannuzzi is a up-and-coming composer from Brazil who has been working in Los Angeles for about one year, but has already made an impression. Being an impressively eclectic musician, his music ranges from gorgeous soaring melodies to incredibly dark and tense textures, from epic orchestral pieces to exquisite piano pieces, and from quiet woodwind trios in counterpoint to aggressive EDM drops. It seems that the style of music doesn’t matter: Alexandre has been able…

"Exclusive Interview With Brazilian Composer ALEXANDRE JANNUZZI"

An Exclusive Interview With Talented Maitika

Interviewer: So lets start off i gotta ask, how the h*ll do you pronounce your name? There’s a lot of people asking about it, * sudden bursts of laughter * Lol. Maitika: bro its ” MAY – TEA – KAH ” a lot of people get it the first try to be honest, don’t know what that’s about. * Rolling His Favorite Back wood Russian Cream Laughing just enjoying the moment* Lol.  Interviewer: So how…

"An Exclusive Interview With Talented Maitika"

Music You To – 2018

Based on a true story Music Yto Channel Five Colors, LLC Production company Present Release me – Sweet goodbye Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by? Ans: do the right thing all the time Q: What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car? Ans: Perfect by ed sheeran Q: At what age did you start singing? ANS: 18 Q:Who are your inspirations? Ans: ed sheeran, AC/DC, justin…

"Music You To – 2018"

Soundcloud: Looking Back And Moving Forward

Last year was a tumultuous one for the Berlin-based music streaming platform Soundcloud. Once seen a tech juggernaut on the up-trend expected to surpass a $1 billion dollar valuation, Soundcloud has stumbled in recent years due to a number of technical and economic hurdles. The business has consistently operated at a loss, and thanks for a flurry of speculatory articles in early 2017, Soundcloud was made to seem like it was on the verge of…

"Soundcloud: Looking Back And Moving Forward"