Finalist Award Wining Song Hey Day

If you adore pop music, then you must have heard the award-winning composition of Anouschka, on her recent album “Shine.” The mesmerizing and eclectic song “Hey Day” wins the finalist award in the USA for the best music composition/songwriting. The songwriter/singer Anouschka traveled the world, and in her journey to Kenya, she finally digs the gold for herself. However, by gold, we do not mean the precious metal. So what Anouschka does is that she unearths the pop trends of local nature and melts them with the western music.

Achieving something like that can never be possible without the support of some dedicated artist, and this includes the Gospel Producer Teddy B. the outcome of her beautiful journey glimmers in her latest release, “Shine.” Almost all the tracks in the album are Hook-Laden offerings and a treat to the ears; however, I want to take an opportunity to talk about “Hey Day.” It is a mere assumption now that whether it is the assistance on the production of  Peter Walsh or whether some other supporting factors, The Church has come up with its best offering since the release of The Blurred Crusade, in the form of Hey Day.

The atmosphere of the record is entirely ancient. A deep and ancient Anglo-Ancient history reflects from the very title of the song alone, with a Psychedelic sort of haze on the top. Moreover, Richard Ploog emerges as a fantastic drummer with his over the top performance in this track. Although the kick drum beats of Ploog is lower down due to the mix by Bob Clear Mountain, however this talented artist sit; able to present a time-perfect ad steady beats with an almost orchestral sort of feeling. The elegant and the mystical lyrics can make anybody to keep on acclaiming the total timeless classic record.

“Hey Day” represents a perfect blend of modern country music with the eastern African undertones. Anouschka write the partial composition in the Nashville and the remaining in Kenya. The song regarded as the “catchiest on Album” receive more attention, with its reggae-based and addictive tune, and does perform a stylistic flip.

The first side of the album represents tracks soothing and calming in nature while the other hand takes its starts with a kick off brainstormed, tantalized. Furthermore, this aggressive and upfront tone continue in Hey Day, with an addition of further string orchestrations and horns, along with the brilliant guitar work of Willson-piper and Koops.

A loud acclamation goes to this singer, who prove herself as a multi-talented artist, as to compose an album in such a remote area with such little resources, is not an easy task. However, the connection which she made with the euphony engendered a soul-filled audio which modern studios never able to create.

The Intrinsic Anouschka “shine” is currently available with all the leading music retail outlets including iTunes embedded already in the album.

In her whole spiritual journey, all she does is to turn the Engine on and trek to a remote little village in East Africa where she learns to shine and also discover musical “Hey Day for Her”. visit website