We saw The Secrets of Sunflower the other night and it was very well done. Obie Sho, the Japanese actor was in it and he proved himself to be a thoughtful actor with a lot of feeling. It seems that you don’t get those kinds of attributes through acting classes, of which he has taken more than his share. You have to be born with those inner qualities in order for them to be expressed when you’re in a film or in a stage production.


Although Obie has been in innumerable films and quite a few stage plays, along with a long list of commercials, he always manages to demonstrate his innermost nature with the smallest of gestures. That, of course, is the hallmark of a very good actor. His acting is subtle, which separates him from the herd, so to speak. And the way he carries himself is marked with the confidence and self-esteem of a person, whether a man or a woman, who has been raised with much love and emotional support. He is a well-balanced actor and human being.

Obie manifests these great qualities in each and every role he has taken on in his brief but highly successful acting career. We’ve seen several of his films but he has been in so many that we can only name a few here: The Ex-Factor, Vessels, Tempus, Pathos, If I Could Tell you, Bloody Hands, The Waste Land, Mad Genius Project, Stronghold, The Secret of Sunflower, So, What Happened To Me Yesterday, Sex In New York, Audition, and Security Office.

We also saw Obie on America’s Got Talent 2016. He was part of Team Hara and he took part in one of the best illusionists episode on that show we’ve ever seen. Team Hara, of course, the great magician Hiroki Hara’s associates who help him pull off the fabulous illusions in his magic show that almost won America’s Got Talent. We saw Obie right there on stage with Hara, as the illusionist is known, and he looked great.

Obie has a lot of projects scheduled for 2017 and besides acting for other companies and writers he is writing and developing his own one-man show, which a lot of people are looking forward to seeing.