Eddy Mann Talks About His Latest RELEASE

Eddy Mann’s a… musician, songwriter, worship leader, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, and father… whether you know him as one or more of these people, you know his heart; you know his love for life.

Q: When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Ans: Oh, it’s definitely exciting. I write almost everyday, so when it’s time to record a new project I draw on all the songs I’ve written over the past season. There’s usually a theme residing in them that reflects whatever I’ve been living through.  My normal routine is to trim them down to a workable number, and then to rely on my accountability team to make the tough decisions later on deciding which songs make the album.

Q:  How do you shut things out?

Ans: I’m well aware of keeping a balance in my life. So there are times when I need to be alone, times when I need family around, and sometimes I just need get away to the beach.  The ocean and all it’s components are very rehabilitating for me. It’s where I go to re-energize, and to re-charge spiritually.

Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ans: I’ve always worked at being the best I can be regardless of what I was doing. If I give everything my best effort, then win or lose I can walk away with a clear conscience.

Q: You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

ANS: Writing is something I do very naturally.  Life itself is inspiring to me. I find inspiration throughout the day in the things that I do, the people that I meet, and the world that’s playing out around me. My favorite part is the initial moment when a melody, a rhythm, or a phrase jumps out and catches my attention. I love the energy rush I get when that happens.

Q:Do you have any events coming up or recording going on right now?

Ans: I’m currently recording tracks for a concept album inspired by the artist Thomas Eakins. It’s unusual in that I don’t create concept albums as a rule, but this project just happened naturally. I’m also looking forward to working with a couple of new producers later this year concerning a new spiritual project.

Q:Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing as a career or just advice about careers in general?

Ans: My advice would be to just be you. The world doesn’t need us to be a clone of anyone else, just be an honest reflection of who you really are. Some people will get you, some won’t, and that okay!


Q:  Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Ans: I was brought up in a home where we listened to all kinds of genres and I still do today. Because of that everyone under the sun has influenced me. I approach everything I see, hear, and experience, as an opportunity to pick-up something new. No matter what your profession, you’ve never really arrived, there’s always more to learn.

Q:  How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Ans: Mistakes are part of the human experience so adapting to them in a live setting is part of the maturing process as a musician. Actually there are times when they can be quite inspiring taking us down a path we might not have gone down on purpose. All songs are a journey. On an album track the journey’s been pretty well defined depending on how much information the listener has been given, but live, that’s a whole different set of circumstances.  As in real life we never quite know what’s going to happen next, so it is when we gather musicians together and begin a new adventure together.

Q:  How often and for how long do you practice?

Ans: I’m a disciplined man by nature, and so I have a schedule that I adhere to on most days. Starting with a time of spiritual meditation I usually flow into a time of creativity that on most days has an instrument in my hands. I might be working on a new song, or a particular musical figure, on just a physical instrumental element that will stretch me both mentally and creatively. I allow myself at least an hour to be in this space, sometimes more.


Q:  How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Ans: I wear many hats throughout the months, weeks and sometimes days, and along that way I’ve subscribed to the mindset that whatever I’m doing at the moment is the most important thing.  I never want to discount any opportunity I may be blessed to experience. So whatever you may catch me doing, you’ll get my full attention, my best effort… you’ll be the most important thing in my life at that moment.


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