Talented and versatile music duo Scenixx is ready to impress you!

Being a music lover and critic I am always in search of new music and artists. Recently I got an opportunity to listen to the music by a very talented duo named Scenixx. Two emerging artists from Southern California, Matt and Joe go by Scenixx. The best thing about this duo is the element of creativity and passion of doing something different.

As far as my personal experience of listening to their latest music is concerned, it was superb. So out of curiosity I had done some research on these two artists. Matt is fond of music since childhood as he has been playing piano since age 4. He was taught classically. Giving a little break to piano and getting acquaintance with guitar made him more passionate about making music. And with each passing year he has become more confident and expert in music making.


On the other side his partner Joe took training from professional producers and touring DJs in a local music school. Once the training was completed and both of them got together it was time to make wonder and here they are impressing with each and every tone they are making as duo.

Coming back to their music, you will find versatility, fun and a mixture of a number of music genres in that. A blend of jazz/funk/blues/future bass/hardstyle that makes it more entertaining and interesting. Particularly if you will listen to their latest release ‘San Holo- love (wip)ft. Cassini’ you will definitely love it. They took the vocals by Cassini from the original song and put their own spin on it. A perfect remix indeed.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy the latest music of one of the most versatile and talented music duo around.

And I would recommend you to follow and stay tuned to them as they are making something different and unique and it’s definitely a treat to listen.